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Dell Inspiron 17 3737 question

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Hi ,I recently bought a brand new Dell Inspiron 17 3737 from a shop .I have a concern about the stickers on the laptop ,even though I hate stickers the most important one wich I would have love to have, is missing ,wich is the AMD Graphics sticker .(I have an AMD HD 8870M model) I am concerned about why they didnt put it on,i have the i7 sticker ,ubuntu sticker but not the AMD one. Is it posible that the laptop is fake and not DELL made ?Or they just stopped putting AMD stickers on newer laptops ?

Also what is the maximum temperature wich is OK for the system ? HW monitor says max temp was 85 C both cpu and gpu ,and with a cooling pad it dropped to 80 C during gamming time ,are those temperatures safe playing like 2-3 hours (Crysis 3/BF4/FC3) or it can damage the laptop?

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  • Can someone answer please..

  • I have the same modell, and neither do i have AMD sticker on my laptop. First I also thought that the AMD card is not in the laptop, but it is :)
    So your laptop is not fake.