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Dell Inspiron 3537, few problems

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3537 few weeks old. Originaly was Win8, but I update it to Win8.1.

After I registered laptop, next step was to partition my C: partition on two parts, partition C (OS), and D (Data). After that I successfully installed all programs I need. And after few days problems started with few BSoD. There are few problems and I will explain all of them.

My Dell checkup "Blue screen troubleshooter" reporting every few days one or more BSoD with explanation:
"The unknown driver (C:Windows/system32/drivers/atikmdag.sys) appears to have caused a system crash. Complete the tasks below to help prevent unexpected shutdowns in the future."

On same My Dell checkup I try to run "PC Checkup", and everything appear OK, no problems reported. Custom scan on only ATI video card (ATI Radeon HD8850), and result is "Passed".
I also run build in DELL diagnostics (Boot menu) and there was no errors, and also Dell online diagnostics and everything was fine.

I try to install new driver from DELL website (AMD Radeon HD 8850M driver, but during installation, screen blinked few times and then went off. I thought that this is OK since video driver was installing. I left Laptop for one hour to "finish installation" but noting happened. I turned off laptop by pressing ON/OFF button for 5 sec, but after that laptop don't want to restart. Here I noticed other problem I will share with you in the moment. Fortunately, I installed Acronis True Image 2014 so I was able to restore a system. BTW, same driver version was already installed acording to "MSINFO32).

Now, my system is running, I can still see BSoD warning  in My Dell Checkup, but actually I don't actually see this BSoD. Strange.
If I right click on desktop and then click on "Graphics Property" or "Configure switchable graphics" I get this warning:

Second problem. During my laptop beforehand explained "BLACKOUT", I tried to use Windows Recovery. I tried "Refresh" and "Reinstall" and both times I got message:

"Could not find the recovery environment. Insert your Windows installation or recovery media, and restart your PC with the media".

If I try to use "Dell Backup and Recovery", I got message:

"Dell Backup and Recovery has not been able to detect the recovery Partition on this computer. It may be missing or corrupted. To recover your computer to the original factory state and restore the Recovery partition, please use your System Recovery Disc." etc...etc...

I don't have any of this discs coz OS was preinstaled. So, basically I can't use any facilities to recover my laptop because I don't have factory recovery media or recovery disc. Fortunately I'm using Acronis, but that's not a point. I want something to recover my system to original, factory state.

Actually, Windows Restore facilities are OK and I can restore to some point I created.

BTW, my hard drive is partitioned on 7 partitions. Originally there were 6 partitions with huge C: partition. I split this one on two. 

And also, since this BSoD is likely caused by video driver, how can I safely update this driver. As explained before, after first try I had disaster. Can I try to install new driver for AMD Radeon HD 8850M from ATI site?


Sorry for so long question. If there are any additional questions I will be more than happy to answer them.

Hopefully I will get some answers, thank's in advance!!

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  • i have the same problem but i can't recover my laptop from black can i fix it??

  • I'm also facing same issue...pls give value solutions...

  • Because There is no answer from forum members, and I can't find any answer anywhere on Dell site, I send my Laptop, one week old, to be serviced by responsable person. I hope that will be the last problem with my Dell.

  • Hi,

    I had the same problem and I installed the lates drivers from ATI website 13.12 . They are working properly with no problems.

    However, I have another problem, the laptop freezes after the screen closes/ system standby and it can't close. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • My problem is partialy resolved. Video ATI driver is successfully installed (Video_AMD_W8.14_X01_A00_Setup-6GGGM_ZPE) and is working OK. For restore disc creation, they told me that I destroyed recovery partitions. I don't believe that is the case, but what I can do? Anyway, I'm using Acronis  True Image 2014, so I created my ownStick out tongue recovery disc so this is not a problem.Stick out tongue

  • HI, I also discovered that the freezing problem in standby and shutdown was due to the latest ATI driver and I rolled back. However I have several other problems such as with the ofiicial drivers from Dell I can't access the ATI control panel and more importantly the Wifi adapter has limited connectivity in my home network that all other systems connect normally every time I restart and I have to use the troubleshoot utility.  Has anyone update to lates bios? Any improvements?

  • Same problem here, when the screen switches off or Laptop goes to sleep the screen won't turn back any more. Need to force with the power button for a shut down. Also have the same version of driver.13.12.

    Only workaround i found so far i don't use the sleep and also modified the power options not to switch of the screen at all. Huh?

  • Same problem here! Has anyone found any solution to the problem other than avoid hibarnate?!?!? Has anyone tried to contact dell support?

  • Dell drivers are constructed specially for that model so other drivers than that in they site will not working properly so i suggest download latest drivers from here LINK and just wait when they update them.

    Yours problem will gone but u will have old drivers xD I fight with this for 4 months and the best option is this option at the moment :P

  • I'm also facing same issue...pls give value solutions...

  • Hi abulyazeed,

    I see that you have some concerns with the video card on your system. Please reply us with the system model and the complete issue you are facing so that I could assist you to fix it.

  • DELL-Ravi BC

    Hi abulyazeed,

    I see that you have some concerns with the video card on your system. Please reply us with the system model and the complete issue you are facing so that I could assist you to fix it.

    Dell - Ravi

    I have same "corrupted " recovery issues listed above by others  . i saw no real answer or fix to any of the recovery problems . can you please tell me how you can corrupt a file you don't have access to? it wouldnt even let me make suggested copy onto a thumb drive when i bought p.c , yet came with no way to recover if system fails ( recovery disc) . where do i get a copy of my systems recovery since my system didn't have a hard copy?or better yet is there a recovery disc we can order or something???

    I'm sure we would all appreciate a solution :) thank you

  • Finaly, after 9 months somebody from DELL ansvered our calls for help. Nice job guys, nice job. And after all explanations before, he dont know answer. In my first post I give you a model of my laptop. Why we have to vait for so long on 9fficial DELL forum?

    What happened wuth our recovery partition?

  • Inspiron 7520 windows 8 64 bit

  • Inspiron 15R (5537, Mid 2013) Service Tag:<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> | Express Service Code: <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>