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Touchpad scrolling on E6430 with Windows 8.1

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Dear Dell,

I recently installed Windows 8.1 x64 on my Dell Latitude E6430 with all the Dell drivers from the Dell webpage. After installation everything is fine, but the scroll does not work on my touchpad. My driver version is 8.1200.101.134 but in the touchpad settings the "Scroll & Zoom" section is missing as you can see below:

Every other gestures are working, like pinch zoom, except the vertical and horizontal scroll. But the strangest thing is on the task bar the touch pad icon seems to be right, it shows that I'm touching the side of the touch pad:  .

What can I do to get back my good old scrolling?

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  • 1. Go to Program Files -> DellTpad -> DellTPad.exe

    2. Then Select Single Finger Gestures.