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Restore Factory Setting - Inspiron 14R

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I Purchase my system 2 year before that time i not get the recovery disc. and i also not create any restore point. in my system windows 7 home edition, can anyone tell me what the step we follow to restore my factory settings as soon as possible. because my laptop is very slow this time. i have not get any product key also. so i have two option:

1. Restore Factory Setting

2. Re install window( i have not any recover disc or not any product key)

So please advice me what i do.



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  • Hi saurabhb,

    I’d be glad to assist you regarding the same and in order to use set the computer to factory settings, please click on the below link
    which has detailed steps to restore your computer to factory settings.

    After you’ve completed the Factory image for your computer you might consider installing the software’s which originally came along with your computer. Please click on the below You tube video link which has the explanation and information on how to download those software’s from My Dell Downloads.

    Link to download the Software’s from My Dell downloads

    Please follow the above mentioned steps and reply us if any issues.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Munawar P
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