Continuous Beep Sound on Start up of my laptop


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Continuous Beep Sound on Start up of my laptop

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When I start my Dell Inspiron 1440 there is continuous beep sound on the start up. Then, I receive this message

Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7

Path: \ Windows\ System32 \ winload.exe

Partition: 3

Hard Disk: b8000000 


When I press ENTER then there is a continuous beep sound again and then only does my Laptop start.

Further, when I go to google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer I am not able to open any websites. When I press W in the address bar the whole page disappears. Please can anybody tell me what is wrong with my laptop???

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  • Hi Manoj Ballupet,

    Request you to try following the below steps which might help:

    You may use the below link and run hardware diagnostics:  

    Make a note of the error code that appears (if any).

    On webpages by pressing Ctrl+W key closes the window. There is a possibility that the Ctrl key might have got pressed which is closing the page. You may try cleaning the keyboard with a can of compressed air (make sure ctrl key is not pressed).

    Do reply with your findings.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kiran K
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