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Restoring Dell Inspiron n5040 to factory settings


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Restoring Dell Inspiron n5040 to factory settings

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I've been trying to restore my computer to factory settings, as I'm pretty sure I have a virus because my computer has been going very slow even if I have everything closed. I've backed everything up, but I can't seem to find a way to restore it. My computer came with no discs for Windows 7 and when I try to do the F8 boot menu stuff from this page I get completely different options in the Repair Your Computer Menu and the image disc option won't let me do anything because it says it needs an image to use. What are my options?

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  • Hi rjones27,

    As you do not have the disk that came with the computer, please use the following link to request Backup Discs:

    The above link is for the US region. Please let me if there is any difficulty in requesting the disk.

    After you receive the discs, please refer the following link to reinstall Windows 7 in the system:

    Click the link and select Microsoft Windows 7 from this link.

    After the operating system is installed, the drivers should be installed in correct order for proper functionality of the hardware components of the computer. Please use this link which shows the right order:

    Please reply for any further help.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil D

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  • Hi,

    I bought a Dell INSPIRON N5040 in US. It is two years old. Now i am not at US. I haven't got any recovery CD. I have formatted my Laptop completely. As i dont have OS CD, Do I still  have chance to get my laptop to factory level setting using restore option?

    If no, what i have to do get my laptop restored to factory settings?

    Currently i am located at India. Can you please help me on this case?

    - Vijay


  • Hi,

    Since i have formatted manually, i am not getting the below option it self.

    "4. Depending on your configuration, you may need to select Dell Factory Tools and then Dell Factory Image Restore."

    I don have recovery media as well. Since it is two years old, my service tag also says that "

    More Information System is out of warranty. Please contact Dell Technical Support at 1-800-822-6031 1-800-822-6031 for further assistance with hardware and software troubleshooting.
    is there any other option to restore? or is there a way to order the backup media in the dell website itself?
    Note: Currently i am located outside of US (in India)