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Mini 910 Battery

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I now know why people say don't buy a Dell. After spending HOURS trying to find answers to why my Dell Mini 9 will not charge nor recognize batteries (have tried 2 w/ no luck), I have concluded that there is a major design problem with this computer and that Dell is hiding their head in the sand, hoping these will soon cycle out of existence. They have left all the folks with this problem with no option but to trash the <ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed as per TOU> . Dell has offered 0 solutions to deal with this COMMON issue. I will never buy a Dell again and will advise everyone I know to do the same.

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  • Dell Mini 9's will only charge GENUINE Dell batteries.  Some Vendors Recommend Downgrading the Bios to work with 3rd party batteries.

    how to downgrade BIOS

    Read Dell I910 Mini/Vostro A90 USB Key Drive flashBIOS Utility - create the USB key and boot from it. Select the "Legacy" option: you'll then get a choice of all older released BIOS versions.

    Battery for Dell Inspiron 910, mini 9, mini 9n, 

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  • That's great. would just love to pay more than twice what a battery is worth. IF THEY WERE EVEN AVAILABLE.  Dell does not list the batteries for these anymore. Producing this kind of accessory that will obviously need replacement with proprietary technology is unconscionable. What it indicates is that the company doesn't care a whit for its customers in the long run, only about quick profits and making sure their computers become obsolete asap. They have a responsibility when producing a product to make sure it will be supported for as long as people may own the piece of equipment. This is certainly not important to Dell. Thanks for the advice but this pos is going in the can. I've probably used this thing for a grand total of 20 hours since I made the mistake of buying it and it is now a "brick."

  • I love the dell mini especially if only there is a cheap 500gig ssd for it, so let cut the story short here is your answer and pass it on to others, DELL is using 4 cell battery in dell mini's and the only flaw of the battery design(not the dell mini unit) is that the first cell is being used for the battery system supply. For long time of not being used it drains the first cell battery to 3.3+ so the system can only be refreshed by long charging time( the so called 12hrs charging). the battery system will balance the charges of each cell and concentrate on the first cell battery and all is well for it! Now comes the battery not found error! with the so many good to be true tutorial out there to fix it (me victim also of all those flash bios, pull out, function b, airport mode whatever else there is more for it) the error can't be fixed with those method, the real reason is the first cell is now dead with 0 volt stand-bye, no power so no battery detected at boot, but when dell mini supply stand-bye 5volts reach the battery, the battery can now be detected in windows but no charging! The reason is the other 3 cell battery is in 3.3 volts and the 1st is 4.3 volts! Interesting ok why the 4.3 volts because is dead get it? when the battery system checks the 1st cell it drops to 0 volts, and now you get blinking error lights (some battery system still tries to charge the first cell with 1 to 2 volts left so you get continued charging display but still no charge after long hours, battery is detected though in startup in some cases). in order to repair crack open the side and replace the first cell (located near  the terminal) with a good one to last and charge for 8 hrs least. hope it all explains now the errors thanks.