My Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Won't turn on, won't charge? Model: PP19S


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My Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Won't turn on, won't charge? Model: PP19S

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Hey there, So a few months ago My laptop Stopped working, I forgot what I was doing at the time, cause it was a few months ago. I am no techie. My charger wouldn't charge it, but it was a crappy charger that was falling apart, Literally. So I don't quite know if it just needs charged. I tried several chargers from Goodwill recently and Don't know what to look for. I have a few so if you could first help me by what charger to use and how to tell if it's the right one. Then if it doesn't work, Is my computer completely dead?

The last charger i used says the following:

Input: AC120V  60Hz 6.5W

Output:DC4.5V 0.8A

Any help is much appreciated


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  • Hi Rhett,

    The Inspiron Mini 10 base AC adapter is a 30-watt adapter. It is smaller and thinner than standard 65-watt adapters as illustrated below.  To prevent this AC adapter from being used on a different system, the size of the connector has changed. This connector only fits the Inspiron Mini 10.


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  • Thanks for the response and picture.  I have the same problem, the Dell just stopped turning on.  The charger seems to be in good shape.  I see the white LED light on the power cord, but it doesn't light up.  Is that an indication that the power cord is bad?  If so, where can I get another?  Any way I can "try" a new power cord before buying?