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Dell inspiron 1545 Wireless disabled


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Dell inspiron 1545 Wireless disabled

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I have problem with my laptop that i am working with external monitor, external keyboard and mouse due to some problems.

I can't enable my wireless because fn button didn't work on external keyboard therefore my wireless didn't work and can't use it with some program like connectify me hotspot , virtual router

i make some steps but still problem

-Update windows 

-Use on screen keyboard

-Install a lot of driver 

i need help pls


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  • If you cannot use the "FN" - key on your internal keyboard try Quickset to launch Wireless

  • Button is deactivate

  • Try pressing the "Launch" button of the Wireless Switch (left lower corner) - the menu "Radio Control Options" should pop up

    remove the tick that turns on "All the Radios" and "Apply"- this should - hopefully - turn on the Wireless (see picture below)

    just re-installed Quickset (I am running Windows 8) and it worked for me.

  • Good work

    Button now is active and wireless is enabled but not working

    "Go image no 2 at first post"

    In connectify me is detect message that ap not supported with yellow logo

    "Go image 3 at first post" no red logo just yellow

  • Apart from the "Connectify" - program - can your laptop see the router and is connected to the internet normally or do you get the same message as in the picture below (a copy your pic) ? For the time being it is better not to run Connectify as long as you do not have a proper internet connection.

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    Start, control panel, device manager, network adapters, double click on the Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Half Mini Card, click on advanced. Look for antenna diversity. Change it from Auto to Aux.






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