how to reformat dell inspiron 15 3521 windows 8


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how to reformat dell inspiron 15 3521 windows 8

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looks like i caught a virus (portaldosites) on my only a few months old laptop. i ve scanned with anti virus softwares and also tried to resert to a former date which did not change anything. My last option was to reformat the laptop however although i followed the manuals i wasnt able to do the same. I have reformatted several laptops with windows xp and windows 7, however facing troubles now with windows 8. can anyone help me? how can i reformat my laptop??

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  • Hi svh1710,

    I would suggest you to run hardware diagnostics on the system for hardware functionality, by following the steps below:

    • Reboot and press <F12> to enter the Boot Menu
    • When the boot device list appears, highlight ‘Diagnostics’ and press Enter
    • The computer begins to run the ‘Pre-boot System Assessment’, a series of embedded diagnostics that perform initial testing on your system board, keyboard, hard drive, and display
    • In case any hardware component is bad, you will get a corresponding error

    To restore the system back to factory settings, you may follow the steps below:

    • Plug in the AC adapter.
    • Point to the right hand corner of the screen to bring up the ‘Charms Bar’.
    • Click ‘Settings’.
    • Click the shutdown button, hold down <Shift> and click ‘Restart’ from the options provided.
    • The system restarts, login and click ‘Troubleshoot’.
    • Click the ‘Dell Backup and Recovery’ icon.
    • The system restarts and comes back up, click ‘Next’ on ‘Dell Backup and Recovery’ screen.
    • The system would be checked to see if the smart repair option can fix the issue, click ‘Next’ once this is done.
    • You will be prompted to select the backup to be used, click the factory image option or select .from one of the backups. Click ‘Next’.
    • You will be prompted to back up your files, select ‘No, Erase my files’.
    • The system goes ahead and completes the restore of the operating system. Click ‘Restart’ when prompted.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the system with windows.

    * Note: This step leads to complete data loss including pictures, music files, videos, documents and applications. Please disconnect any external peripherals as well.

    Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any other questions.  

    Thanks & Regards
    Amogh G
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