How right-click from keyboard on Dell XPS 12 ?


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How right-click from keyboard on Dell XPS 12 ?

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Most keyboards have a handy key that performs the logical equivalent of a mouse right-click on whichever screen item currently has focus (no mouse involved).  The right-click usually brings up a context menu, of course.


PROBLEM:    My Dell XPS 12 has no right-click key on its keyboard; not even with the 'Fn' function key.


*** Question:    Is there any way to fashion a right-click key by using just the keyboard, on Dell XPS 12?


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  • Hi Finster4,

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to assign the right click key. I did some research and found AutoHotkey software using which you can tweak some keyboard functions. Here is the link

    Note: Dell has not tested this software nor endorses it.

    Hope this information helps.

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    Appu S
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  • @Finster4

    I guess the key you are looking for is the Apps-key.Your XPS 12 keyboard obviously doesn't have one.It is possible to to use Autohotkey to remap one of the other keys to make it behave like an Apps-key.

    Looking at an XPS 12 keyboard "F7" could be a perfect choice for remapping since it has no multimedia assignment

    This is the code if you want to try Autohotkey :


    how to use Autohotkey


    If you wish I could also give you the link to an executable autohotkey file - this file would run without having to install Autohotkey - this is the easiest way for you but you would have to trust me since Windows usually identifies all exe-files as virus,malware,malicious etc - even its own files.....Big Smile

  • Dell XPS 12 and Dell Inspiron doesn't have the right-click keyboard shortcut.

    You can try the Shift+F10.