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Inspiron 7720 Backlit Keyboard Not Working

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I ordered a backlit keyboard from Dell and installed it. But it won't light up. I hit Fn+F6, yet nothing happens. 

Any ideas?

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  • Hi,

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    Try installing the Quickset application first, here is the link ;

    Download and run, restart the computer and press FN+F6 again.


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  • I tried that, the back light still doesn't work.

  • Actually, scratch that, I installed it, but can't find the program to run it. Is all that is required is downloading and installing, or do I need to run the program too?

    If so, where is it? I can't seem to find it once it's been installed.

  • I installed it, ran it, but the backlight still doesn't seem to work. (I found the program's location)

  • Where did you purchase the keyboard? Please add me as a friend and send a private message with order # and service tag of PC.

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  • Did you guys get it figured out, because mine my 17se is doing the same thing.


  • My 17R JUST did the same thing last night, it was working fine, did some update now it does not work. The quickset buttons don't work now either, I have to get into it with the windows +x button. The dell settings say my keyboard backlight is on but it does not work. The caps light still WORKS THOUGH.

  • Hi Molymol and Nigel17R

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    Previous issue was resolved by keyboard replacement. If you already re-installed Touchpad and Quickset Drivers, possible issue with Keyboard itself. If under warranty, you can add me as a friend and send service tag of PC.


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  • Actually, the replacement keyboard Dell sent me had the exact same issue. I ended up having to send my laptop in for repairs, as well as return one of the keyboards. The backlight works now, but I still don't know what exactly needed to be fixed in order for the keyboard to work.

    On a positive note, the turn-around time on the servie was extremely fast, I dropped the box off on a Tuesday at Purolator, and by Thursday evening I had my laptop back.

  • Hi Elijah, I find it really odd that the keyboard light would stop working exactly when an update happened? My caps light still works and that's a keyboard light, wouldn't that not work either? I have the 3 year at home service warranty, so that means a tech is going to come over and gut my computer, scratch things all up, not fit things back together properly to make sure its not hardware related? What can we do first to ensure its not software related? Is there any way to test the lights in the kb?

  • I have the same issue after a Microsoft update. Service checked my Bios version and me install the Quickset and it still is not working.