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Dell inspiron 1545 - hard drive recovery?


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Dell inspiron 1545 - hard drive recovery?

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Hi. A friend of mine wanted me to check out their laptop because of some problems. When it starts up, it goes to a black screen and states that there is a HD issue and I should try to reseat it. I did with no results. I have a HD usb cable and hooked it up to the HD after taking it out. I connected it to my pc and I hear the drive running and its clicking continuously but, my pc isn't detecting it. Is there ANY way I can salvage any of the pictures/videos/documents on this harddrive? Theres a ton of stuff that belongs to my friend and their family and I'd hate for them to lose it all.

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  • First decision you'll have to make:  what is the data worth?  From the symptoms, the drive has lost its servo tracks - you will likely need a data recovery service and will be facing a $1,000+ recovery bill.  

    ONLY if you're willing to chance never retrieving the  data, you can try a very slim-chance operation - DO NOT do this if the data is critical, because anything you do at this point will likely increase the cost of recovery later.  You can try freezing the drive in a ziplock bag --  if that doesn't get it going, you'll need a data recovery service.

  • How long should I leave it in the freezer for? And also, has this actually worked before?

  • Once I had such a problem with a Dell laptop (maybe it was my Inspiron 8600). The hard drive internal disk would not spin well enough to read. However, when I had removed it and put it into a USB-type case and accessed it with my Dell Desktop, it did sometimes work well enough when I had it UPSIDE DOWN.  I eventually was able to get all of the data onto the desktop. Maybe the internal spindle socket at the top was okay and when perfectly level upside down it would spin correctly. I have no idea why it worked, but there you are...

  • I've tried the freezer, flipping it over, tapping on it and nothing has worked. Looks like they'll just have to take it to a specialist and hope for the best. Thanks guys

  • dell lock hdd and if you get out from dell device you can't recover data