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International Guarantee_ Dell Inspiron 15R, 5521

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Hi, Iam recently purchased Dell Inspiron 15R, 5521( Model No: 5521-INS-401-MSLR having Win-8, 8GB,1TB,2GB spec.) from Dubai,UAE. Seller told me its having International Warranty  and also, I have to sent the same to India.  Any further registration is required in India to avail Warranty coverage in India in future.

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  • Hi Binujagadeesh,

    To qualify for International warranty support, you must purchase the system with onsite warranty. However, the Complete Care warranty may not be transferred. If you will use the system in India, then a Global Tag Transfer needs to be completed. Here is the form

    Note: Not all product types and service contract types are available for transfer outside of Purchase Country. Please refer to the link for more information

    Hope this information helps.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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