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Inspiron 15R N5110 - Will not power on, blinking white power and gear light


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Inspiron 15R N5110 - Will not power on, blinking white power and gear light

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My Inspiron 15R N5110 won't come on. I've tried both battery and 2 different ac adapters. I've removed the battery, unplugged it, and held the power button for 30 seconds to discharge the system, but it still won't come on.

I took the laptop apart and everything looks alright, but the DC jack was slightly brown on top so I replaced the DC jack board. It still won't work.

I made sure the connections are tight (the DC jack and other USB board) by screwing them down. The only thing that happens that shows any life is when the battery is in. The power button, power indicator light in front, and the little "gears" light blink white for just a moment, then off, about every 5 seconds.

Any ideas? If I have to replace the motherboard, what is the difference between 0G8RW1 and 0VVN1W? I'm not worried about the product key not validating - may even put Windows 8 on it.


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  • Hi brockalee,

    Both the Motherboards 0G8RW1 and 0VVN1W are compatible with this model and there is no difference. 07GC4R is also compatible with this model.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish M

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  • I am having the exact same problem!!! Did you ever figure out the problem? Any info will help!! I'm desperate Tongue Tied

  • Unfortunately, no. I even replaced the motherboard and it didn't work. So sorry to report, but no success!

  • Same problem here,

    I think this model is due to fail, we got unlucky.

  • Same problem here

    and no sign of any solution

  • no lights no nothing. wish i could get a solution or replacement for this issue !

  • Start by unplugging the adapter and removing the battery.  Hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the memory modules.

    Plug in only the AC adapter and only into the wall.  Verify the LED on the adapter or DC plug is ON -- if it's not, replace the adapter with a new OEM Dell unit.

    Plug in the DC end to the system.  Leave the battery out - does the LED stay on?  If not, replace the DC jack inside the system.

    If it does stay on, try powering up the system.  If it will without but not with the battery, the battery is bad - replace it with a new one.

    If the system still won't power up, replace the mainboard.