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XPS 12 Duo, ghost images (screen burn-in) ?


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XPS 12 Duo, ghost images (screen burn-in) ?

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I recently noticed ghost images on my Dell XPS 12 Duo. If a bright image on dark background stays on the screen for a couple of minutes and then I switch to somewhat dark background I can clearly see the previous image on the screen for some time before it fades away. Once I noticed it I started spotting even more subtle ghost images. I even managed to capture it in a picture with a low-end digital camera - http://imgur.com/a/RIYff (notice the tray icons clearly seen in the Win 8 start screen and even the facebook ad is visible). It is far more clear when you look at the actual screen and not on a picture. I already arranged replacement laptop (as I had other issues with this one) but yesterday I read news about mass defects in Apple's Retina MacBooks with practically the same issue. Now I wonder if it is possible that all Dell XPS 12 Duo screens have this problem. So anyone else seeing this on his machine?

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  • Yes, I have exactly the same problem. I get a new one...hope it is fixed there!
  • More interesting question - anyone NOT seeing this after looking for it because it is easy to overlook it if you never notice it.

  • Yes same here - obvious "screen burn" of task bar icons, window close X, etc. Will keep an eye on it. I suspect it will be a warranty claim at some point if it gets any worse.

  • I got a replacement laptop (due to other problems) and the screen was fine but after a while it started manifesting ghost images again. They gradually became worse and worse. Frankly I wonder if any Dell XPS 12 screen is NOT affected by the issue.

  • I bought an XPS two months ago. It is really good machine, Win8 is great and it is very powerful for my software development needs but it started to get this ghosting issue too. I don't if it gets worse with time. Is there any workaround to this.



  • yes i have it too!! do you just ring dell up and ask for a replacement in the 1-year warranty period?

  • @rara123 you can do that but when I did I got another screen with ghost images. I don't know if there are screens which are will not get the ghost images at all

  • After getting a replacement machine and waiting 3 months Ghost images get back. So this seems to be "state-of-the-art" at Dell.

  • Since it seems like all displays have this defect (or develop it after a couple of months of usage) I wonder what will happen if we all start ordering replacements every 3 months...

  • I plan on calling Dell today about mine. Im starting to see full window outlines like Microsoft word and the taskbar about an inch and a half in width around the whole perimeter.

  • @agsbaseball09 please tell us how the replacement (or whatever you get) worked for you. Especially interesting if after you get a new one it will start having issues in a couple of months.

  • My Dell XPS 12 has the same issue with ghosting, and has become apparent when only on a website or program page for a few minutes. I will be calling Dell tomorrow.

  • Image ghosting is getting worse on mine, but a service technician is scheduled to repair or replace mine early next week.

  • I just started to notice image ghosting on my XPS 12 last night; I've had it since mid-February. This thread popped right up on a search, and I don't know if I should be worried or relieved that so many others are reporting the same problem. Has there been any acknowledgment from Dell that this is a widespread issue? I'm guessing people whose screens don't exhibit this behavior aren't going to come across this thread and chime in about their ghost-free viewing experience, but the question now is whether this is a problem that develops in all XPS 12 screens after a few months of use.

  • I have noticed the same on my computer, the task bar and title bars remain visible when I go back to the metro screen.  I tried using a screen saver, thinking I'm leaving a static display for too long but it should have that kind of effect after only 10 to 15 minutes of reading an article online.