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Inspiron M5030 laptop won't start up, just beeps seven times

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My Inspiron M5030 laptop was working perfectly fine last night.  It was plugged in all night, and I had done the usual hibernate/sleep mode before going to bed.  When I tried to start it up this morning, the screen remained black.  It made the startup fan noise but then that stopped.  Then it gave seven quite loud beeps.  If I don't turn it off, it continues to give the seven beeps separated by a short break.  What is so suddenly wrong with my laptop?

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  • Welcome to the 7 beeps club...hate to say it, but you might as well purchase a new HP, Acer,Gateway, or ANY other brand PC.

    Your motherboard has failed and your warranty is more than likey expired. Oh, you can try calling Dell, but alas you will be transferred, and subsequently lost on the line. If you are lucky you may be able to get them to repair your pc, but sadly, their repairs are also very temporary. I have been scorned after returning my PC twice for said repairs, now I cannot even get a Dell moderator to answer my emails. So, good luck and thank you for purchasing a DELL.