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Dell Inspiron M5030 - Changing Processor

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I have a Dell Inspiron M5030 that is currently doing the 7 beeps on startup. I have read multiple places that this is a problem on the motherboard, which is actually caused by the processor. So i can fix the motherboard, but without replacing the processor, it will happen again very quickly. I am going to replace the processor and fix the motherboard and hope this clears the problem for a while.

My questions is, since i am replacing the processor, do i have to go back exactly in kind with what it currently has? I believe it has the AMD Athlon II. Can i replace it with a better AMD processor, or possible an Intel processor without causing problems? I am afraid that if i replace in kind, i will be back in the same position very soon. I would also like to improve the processor since I am already changing it out.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You can only use AMD CPUs (Intel CPUs won't even fit the socket).  You're likely to find that if you have to replace both the mainboard and the CPU together, that your cost will be over 50% of what a new system would cost.

  • can the processor of the dell inspiron m5030 processor be replaced with any other processor

  • Define "other".  Faster version of the AMD CPU you have, possibly.  Intel CPU, no way.