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Dell Inspiron 17r 5721 Fan Speed problems


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Dell Inspiron 17r 5721 Fan Speed problems

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Yesterday I bought brand new Inspiron 5721 (Core™ i5 3317U / 4Gb / 500Gb / DVD-SM / 17.3"HD+ / AMD HD8730M 2GB / WF / BT / Cam / Win8)
I have a problem with Fan speed. Fan works on max speed always! when I working with docs in Wordpad or do anything simple however all the same...
fan running full speed! it is annoying especially at night in silence!

When I try to download some of the driver or bios to update my laptop links are not working.

How can I reduce the fan speed?

P.S. Laptop brand new just 1 day in use, and fan clean, so dont offer to clean it please.
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  • Pay close attention to the date you can return for full refund. I finally send my computer back for full refund after the mouse pad failed. I had three problems with this computer Fan, no HDMI out and bad touch pad. Hours of lost productivity and hours wasted on the phone with Dell support.

  • Hi GHPinfo,

    Here is a BIOS update for Inspiron 5721 (A06 version). You may download it from the link:

    Note: Make sure the ac adapter is connected and the battery is charged 10% or above to update the BIOS. Also, disconnect all the external peripherals before updating the BIOS. All the programs should be closed and documents saved. 

    Extract the driver --> Right click and 'Run as administrator' -- > Follow the prompts on screen to install the BIOS update. 

    This BIOS update is not web posted yet but will be updated on support website soon. 

    Please share the findings. 

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
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  • Same problem here, I got my computer a week ago. The fan sets of at 6000 rpm after 30 sec.....

    Can anyone at Dell tell us why we cant download the new Bios?? A05

    There is also a lot of other new drivers that cant be downloaded....

    Besides this, the computer is really nice. Nice body, weight, hardware and price. If just Dell could fix the Jet plane in my computer!!!

    Greetings from a frustrated customer from Norway.

  • Hi,

    I've done all the tests downloaded BIOS and still I have a jet plane.  I think there is a fault with the laptops themselves and there are loads of posts on the same subject.

    The only way i have found to fix is to use Speedfan :

    I can't find the website I used to configure the application but it works a dream!

  • Yes, if you set the fan speed by 65% ​​in speedfan - fan stops making noise and runs at ~ 2500-2900 but support for Dell laptops is beta mode and does not work automatically! ie you should run Speedfun every time you boot windows and close program when the laptop is running under load (games, video encoding, etc.) This is not comfortable and you should be careful to periodically monitor the temperature.

    I think this is normal for a temporary solution. But I would like to hear something about the problem from Dell support: in the near future this problem will be solved? or should I think about the return laptop to the store?

  • How did you get the new Bios...?  Ver. A05?

  • Just bought my 5721 a week ago. Brand new out of the box it has the "jet plane syndrome", even when simply running the Pre-boot System Assessment.  At the diagnostic screen with no load the fan climbs to 5700 RPM and stays there, CPU temp at 42C-44C.  Called Dell last night to find a solution (after updating to BIOS A05, which did nothing for the problem) and was informed that they have had no particular known problem such as this.  He tried to tell me that since the fan diagnostics pass the test then there is no problem.  I told him that as a technician for the last 15 years I KNOW and he knows that it's not working normally, regardless what their diagnostics say.  They're sending out a technician to replace the CPU fan on Tuesday but I have this nagging feeling that it's not going to make any difference. 

  • Jcon72, sad to hear message incompetence on our problem in a support service...

    I think this problem with speed fan is software problem like the raw BIOS firmware which is not working automatic cooling (pwm).

    I still hope that is not the hardware problem and Dell will pay attention to this problem and make bios (or drivers) updates to our laptops.
  • I have the same problem. 
    Received my 5721 computer Feb 5 and noticed the fan running at full
    speed with no CPU load. Called Dell support today hoping to find an un-published
    update. They did update the BIOS to A05 but no change in the fan speed. Dell
    support went to the second option on their list, sending a tech to replace the
    fan. I declined and told the support agent I will wait for a firmware/BIOS
    update, the real fix. I have been an HP computer user for a long time. I
    purchased an Inspirion 17 for my wife and she loves it so I purchased the 17R 5721
    and so far the fan noise is irritating.

  • I got the inspiron 5721 last week. I'm going for the refund.

  • jonwillgo


    I've done all the tests downloaded BIOS and still I have a jet plane.  I think there is a fault with the laptops themselves and there are loads of posts on the same subject.

    The only way i have found to fix is to use Speedfan :

    I can't find the website I used to configure the application but it works a dream!


    Can you tell me which version of speedfan is detecting the fan?

    I tried 4.47 & 4.48 Beta 6 but both do not detect the fan :(

    kind regards

  • I finally found the option for DELL Notebooks inside Speedfan's options

    Configure > Options > Enable DELL support

    After restarting Speedfan the fan will show up!

    Now you can add "advanced fan control" for your CPU Temp and enable automatic fan speed


  • I tried Speedfan but it completely locks up the touch pad when it starts so I uninstalled it again.

    Another chronic problem with Dell's later computers is the inability to create system recovery discs.  The Dell Backup and Recovery Manager will burn the first disc, then regardless of what blank disc you insert for the 2nd one it just kicks it back out and never finishes the disc creation.  This is a widely-known issue that Dell has not yet addressed.

    After having these issues I decided to attempt a factory restore from the recovery partition.  Windows 8 won't do that, either, telling me that there the process cannot be completed on my PC.  

    After all of this headache with a BRAND NEW computer, I called Dell today and got an RMA for a full refund.  My last Inspiron (1750) has given me frequent BSOD's regularly (even with clean Windows installations) and I'm not going to risk another 3 years of torture.

  • up!

    fan problem still here!

  • Dell support updated my BIOS to A05. I thought the problem was fixed but instead of a few seconds for the fan to get to full speed it is now minutes.  Dell support contacted me again about the fan speed problem. Dell wanted to have the fan replaced. I told them it is not a fan problem but a BIOS/software problem and declined the fan replacement. I also told Dell support to read the many posts regarding the fan problem on their own tech support website. The model is so new the support tickets have not made it to T2 support.  I am sure if more people contact Dell support with the same problem or return the laptops somebody will finally recognize there is a problem a correct it.

  • Started to have touch pad problems and the fan is still loud. Finally gave up and sent the computer back for refund. There is defiantly problems with this model.

  • My Inspiron is 1 week young and the fan is running max speed (temp between 20 / 29C)

    Sofar no solution  from Dell business .........(Beside the normal frase, sound is a personal perception...)