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If anyone at Dell Support is kind enough, I would like them to check the driver for Inspiron N5110's ALPS Touchpad driver. I downloaded it, but it only unpacks a txt file that describes the driver. Where is the driver? Also, is it possible to have a touchpad driver that dosen't add 5 processes for just one device? It adds a lot of load at startup.

///ALSO PLEASE  LOOK UP  a post of mine that is still unanswered: Is there Uefi boot for N5110? Seems like it has uefi firmware with legacy bios emulation, which is kind of weird for a 800 dollar laptop. It takes 8 seconds for POST to finish.

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  • It seems that noone responds here, so I'll confirm it too. The latest touchpad driver installer for Inspiron n5110 only contains some kind of txt file, no drivers included.

  • well... I think they really don't care about anyway. They would probably recommend you buy a newer laptop so that they can squeeze more money out of you. Companies don't really care about their customers, and I understand why: it's all about the capitalism ideology and how this monetary anti-economic system works. If you research a bit you will find that things used to be more durable (they would last at least a decade) and of high quality. Now the views have shifted because everyone has to play the whole Monopoly reality show. That means you have to produce a lot of low quality goods to ensure a cyclical consumption behavior, for profit of course. Now, they would argue that R&D and worker pay takes a lot of money, but believe me, it takes a lot less than what they have. But I have yet to see companies that take their own products back for recycling and give you 25-50% of their price back to you. You will only see that in a rudimentary form and very rarely. Also, if they can't sell you their products at the price they establish, they will rather throw them away in the sea or rebrand them to try and sell them again by fooling the customers.How about giving them to the poor populations in different parts of the world for free(at this point they would like to discredit me in public as being a communist etc etc, because they'll ask:Now where's the profit in that?).

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    Now to Dell Support Representatives: I would like to thank you for nothing.

  • Sorry! I got a bit angry over it. I still hope there is going to be a solution to this problem