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Reformatting Dell Inspiron 1545 Problem


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Reformatting Dell Inspiron 1545 Problem

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I'm selling mine and would like to reformat/restore to factory settings. Unfortunately, the dell local safe or whatever its called is not working. Not sure why. But if that's not frustrating enough, whenever I access of the boot menu on start up, I DO see the option for "Repair your computer" but whenever I select that it just returns to turning the computer on like normal. It takes me no where. Any idea why this is happening?

I really don't have time to wait for Dell to send me a disc, so if I can't figure this out I'm just going to have to manually delete all my personal info/settings.

Any guidance is appreciated! Thank you.

(I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, by the way, which did not come with a disc at time of purchase) 

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  • Hi cristag92,

    Please check if you can follow the steps from the below link to restore the computer to the factory installed state:

    In case ‘Dell Data safe Restore and Emergency Backup’ is not showing up or even if system repair is not allowing to proceed further, I suspect the recovery partition is corrupted, the only way is to manually delete all the files as you mentioned in the post.

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