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This question has been answered by raybro

I keep getting a message about PC Doctor module and it must be closed. Any help on that?

Dell 17R 5720, Windows 8

Raybro Big Smile

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  • Issue resolved by troubleshooting and registry editing as directed via email with Dell support_PCDoctor.

    Thanks Dell Support.  Ray  :)

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  • Hi Raybro,

    Welcome to the Community,

    You may try uninstalling and reinstalling Dell Support Center.To uninstall go to Control Panel,Programs and Features,select Dell Support Center,Uninstall.

    Reboot system,download and reinstall from this link below :


    Thank You

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  • I checked the link to be sure it worked (it did), then uninstalled Dell Support Center.

    When I went back to download the program, I get "Were sorry, this page no longer exists. Now what???


  • Disregard the last post. The site started working just a quick as it stopped working. Download is done and installed. Now we shall see.


  • Are you still getting the PC doctor module message?

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  • Not so far, but it did not occur regularly, just once in a while. I give it a few days before I'll consider it fixed.


  • Feb 3... 3 days since I reinstalled the Dell Support Center software. The same message about PC Doctor appeared today about 2:00 PM PST. It's been OK until today. The only significant operation performed in that time frame was to install 32 Windows Updates.

  • Hi Raybro,

    Please try to  manually uninstall Dell Support Center by following the steps shown in this post below :


    After uninstalling you may reinstall it and check if it helps to stop the error message.

    Thank You

    Dell | Social Media Outreach | Global Social Media & Community

  • Went through the manual uninstall process as instructed in your link. All seemed to go well. Rebooted and proceeded to reinstall. Process hangs during extraction process, followed by message install was not successful and to visit the dell site. Downloaded new executable file from Dell and retried with same result.


  • Ray,


    See if this works...


    Go to Temp Folder (C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Temp\), delete everything in this folder.

    Go to 'C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming' delete the 'PCDR' folder.

    Make sure Dell Support Center is not in the programs and features list.


    Restart your computer, then download and install Dell Support Center





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • Nope... Same response. Extract stops at about half way and popup says Install failed. Thanks for the try.


  • Hi Ray,

    Try downloading from this link :

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  • Still no joy. That process results in "No Updates Available"


  •  12/2/2010 5:22 PM 1732960 DELL_SUPPORT-CENTER-3-0_A01_R289543.exe

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  • Same download as provided by  DELL-Roshan L with same result. No updates available.


  • Hi Raybro,

    Try creating a new user account(admin) from Control Panel,User Accounts and  install it under the new user account.

    Use this original link for download : www.dell.com/.../dsc_home

    If it gets installed on the new user account then it may be an issue with your old user account profile.

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