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How to install windows 7 on Inpiron 15z 5523?


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How to install windows 7 on Inpiron 15z 5523?

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Hi all,

I just bought this laptop about a month, it has windows 8 preinstalled. After using it for a month, I'm not a big fan of windows 8, I like windows 7 better, but I like my new laptop. 

Could you tell me how to install windows 7 on Inpiron 15z 5523?

Also, where can I get drivers for windows 7 for this laptop?

Thank you for your time.

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  • If you have Windows 8 Pro, you can install 7 without buying another license.  If it's not Pro, you'd need to buy Windows 7 separately.  Most of the 8 Drivers will also work for Windows 7.

    Be sure the hardware is all in order before you change the OS, as you will lose your software support when you do.


    Boot to the 8 setup and create the Restore disc set ... they do work but they take a LONG time to create. Store these if you decide to resell the laptop you'll be able to set it back to factory defaults

    Download the network driver!!!!

    Wired: 5523_Comm_Driver_T3W6F_WN_2.1.0.12_A02.EXE

    NOW FOR THE 7 part

    Use the Windows 7 DVD to boot

    When you get to Update/Custom, choose Custom

    When asked about what partitions to use delete every partition

    Then use 7 to create and format a partition on Disk 1 Partition 1 32GB (the mSSD)

    Now do the same with the 500GB (the HDD)

    Highlight the partition on the 500GB (HDD) which is labeled as installable, you'll know because the program tells you at the bottom of the screen

    Install to the largest partition on the HDD unless you can remember to save/install stuff to the HDD after you boot mSSD.

    Install normally after that.

    Install the network driver you found above and connect to internet once 7 is installed.

    Now let Windows do all of its updates - will take a while.

    To speed things up download the appropriate 32/64 bit version of Internet Explorer 9, run Internet Explorer 8 ONCE, close, then install the Internet Explorer 9 files.

    This will GREATLY reduce your download time if you are not using the SP1 update!!!! <<<< Can't stress this one enough!!!!

    You may have to find some drivers after this and depending on your setup this may be easy... or difficult. Ours were difficult but now all is well.

    Hope this helps.


  • See my Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean Install of Windows 7:

    I would also advise making an Acronis image on an external hard drive of your Windows 8 installation before proceeding and another one once Windows 7 is clean installed (this is further explained in the guide).


    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.