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ERROR CODE :2000-0142


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ERROR CODE :2000-0142

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The last few months my laptop (Dell n5040) has been going very slow, iv scanned with AVG and malware software and had no results

However my laptop is now painfully slow loading up from the welcome splash screen and loading programs up.

I run a diagnostic and it come back with this error.

ERROR CODE :2000-0142

validation 11847

msg hard drive 0 - s/n 5veq5ced self test unsuccessful status = 7.

The laptop still 'works' tho im using it now in safe mode with network.

Any help on how to sort this out would be great! thanks!

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  • Your hard drive needs to be replaced.

  • is there anything else i could do? the laptop is still safe mode.

  • If you want to use the system other than in safe mode, you need a new, 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive.

  • Hi,

    I had this exact same problem on my Studio 1555 and believed I had no option but to buy a new hard drive, having searched around for a solution.  However, I managed to restore the computer from some Dell Data Safe backup discs I created, and now it works as new.  I also had other error codes such as 4C00:0320, and 0F00: 1332 plus a few others, but now everything is fine.

    Thus if you have created such discs, or perhaps a system restore point (not certain this will work, as I didn't use it myself), and not forgetting the OS installation discs, then you can likely save yourself some money and hassle and restore your laptop.

    I haven't managed to find the files that were supposedly being backed up during the recovery process, but I transferred them to another laptop via USB stick in Safe Mode.  If your files are not backed up on disc/USB/cloud space, then make sure to do so before attempting to recover your system, as above.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi my laptop have a code 0142 error I have a studio 1735 I call dell and they told me that it's a hard drive problem, how do I know if it's the primary or secondary hard drive? And if I need to replace it, can be replace for a bigger memory?  Anyone know?  Thanks

  • Run the diagnostics (F12 at powerup), which will tell you which drive has failed.  Yes, you can install a higher-capacity drive.