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Vostro 3700 "plugged in, not charging"


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Vostro 3700 "plugged in, not charging"

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Hi guys, I would really appreciate some help anyone could give me here..

I have a Dell Vostro 3700 which has developed a fault, it will not charge the battery, and windows just shows as "plugged in, not charging.".

I have done my research the past few days so I will clear up the following;

I have updated BIOS and installed the Dell Battery Manager in order to activate charging as I know it can be disabled.

I have been in the BIOS menu in order to search for an option to supposedly disable/enable battery charging but there is no option in there (unless I missed it, but I have checked several times)

BIOS states "adapter type" to be "unknown" and when laptop is first turned on I get a warning to say the adapter cannot be determined and the battery may not charge (which I am assuming leads to the problem).

I have another dell laptop (Studio 1735) that uses the exact same adapter type. Both adapters work and charge in my 1735, both don't work in the Vostro (which I assume eliminates the adapter as a suspect)

I have purchased 2 new batteries off eBay, one genuine that is supposedly new although slightly used, and another brand new rip off, all 3 of the batteries will not charge (which I assume eliminates the batteries as suspect)

In my opinion the worst case scenario and possibly most likely in this case is the motherboard is at fault, but I am hoping there is some kind of setting or something that I am missing.. can someone please help me?

Kind Regards,


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  • This would be the part to replace


  • Thank you for your quick response, what exactly can go wrong on this part for it to develop this fault? I have examined this myself and re soldered all the joints..



  • Hi,

    I am having the identical problem with my Vostro 3700 and suspected of the connector. I just ordered it from partspeople, but they don't seem to have instructions for doing the repair on the Vostro 3700. There are only instructions for other models. Would you happen to know where I can find instructions to change the part on the Vostro 3700?


    Berthold Hamburger

  • Hi Berthold Hamburger,

    This part is field replaceable part; hence technician is required to replace the parts. I suggest that you take the system to a local technician to get the part replaced.

    Thanks and Regards,
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  • Service manual is here:


  • Hi Graham. I had the same problem on my 3700 and all I did was remove the battery, with the charger plugged in, blow out the connections and replace the battery. 

    It is charging just fine again.

    Hope this helps.



  • I have the same issue and it is the adapter or the internal adapter recepticle.  After reviewing the issue I have found that the battery terminal (mounted on the motherboard) is set back too much, allowing for any slight play in the battery to "dissconnect" the battery, Even though it is still in the "locked" position.   Try this - install the battery and firmly push in about where the connectors meet. Turn on laptop, then push the battery out a little just to prove my point and see for yourself.