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What is the maximum memory capacity for Dell Inspiron 15R? My DELL Support Center says a maximum 16gb.Memory onboard is 8gb.

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  • It depends on which model 15R you have.  Some are 8G, some 16.  What's the full model number (i.e., Inspiron 5520, 5720, etc.)?

  • dell inspiron 15r 2106slv (5520)

  • Max RAM for that model is 2X4 or 8G.

  • and for inspiron 5720 ... which is the maximum supported memory ... can i use two modules of these?

  • Hi bar_budo,

    Inspiron 5720/17R has 2 SODIMM memory slots which support:

    • DDR3 DIMM at 1333 MHz with Sandy Bridge Processors
    • DDR3 DIMM at 1600 MHz with Ivy Bridge Processors

    Inspiron 5720/17R supports a maximum of 8 GB system memory with 4 GB memory in each slot. The memory you have shared is a single 8GB memory and might not work with the system.

    For installing/replacing memory, you may refer to owner's manual Here.

    Hope this helps. 

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundeep B
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  • You're wrong. The 15R 5520 has a max of 16GB's RAM.

  • I want to upgrade to 16GB on my Inspiron 17r 5720... it seems unsupported by your answer? why?