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need help!!!error code 2000-0123 -Memory-Integrity test discrepancy


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need help!!!error code 2000-0123 -Memory-Integrity test discrepancy

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I have seen this problem occured on a desktop computer, but got this problem beginning in december. on my XPS L702X.

Well, I bought my laptop in april 2010, and got recently bizarre problems like computer shutdown by itself.

On january 1st, had to restart, and would not be able to enter Windows desktop because there was this file that was missing "schwapi.dll"

This may have come from the computer shuting down, and corrupting Windows files.

After many tries, I finally tried the BIOS diagnostic test, and got the 2000-0123 memory problem.

I've seen some advice to try the memory test for all slot….

Removed 1 memory DIMM and tried it in another slot, I tried to swap the DIMM from either slots,

only used one of the two DIMM, but got same problems over and over.


 My computer is not even 2 years old, and I find this quite annoying.

Any help would be appreciated.



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  • Hi Mario,

    2000-0123 indicates  memory failure on the computer. But atleast one memory should be good enough to boot the computer.As you have checked with each memory, try to swap the each memory with slots and try to restart the computer.

    This way we can isolate the bad memory on the computer. If the issue still persists, the issue should be with the memory and needs replacement.

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    Awaiting your response!

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    Rajesh R
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  • I seem to have the same problem as Mario.  Can you please help me out too?

  • I seem to have the same problem as Mario.  Can you please help me out too?

  • Hi NHNanSea,

    This is a very old post and is locked for editing. Kindly make a new post with a detailed description of the issue, any troubleshooting that you have tried and the exact system model, so you could get any response and help in resolving the issue.

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