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BIOS Boot sequence erased (UEFI or LEGACY)


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BIOS Boot sequence erased (UEFI or LEGACY)

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Hi everybody


When i start my VOSTRO 3360 on Windows 8

It see the DELL logo (F2 / F12)


But i loop on a screen because there is no sequence for boot

No LEGACY sequence boot

No UEFI sequence boto



When i press F2 to the BIOS , same problem

HDD is set to AHCI

No sequence


All was working great since i bought it one month ago

But now i fear my work will be lost if someone does not help me to find the answer


Could it be material ? HDD problem ... explaining why there is no device detected so no sequence

Motherboard ? (not recognize the HDD)


Plase help me

Why i try to LOAD F9 settings in BIOS, i can t save it

Formset 98FBBCFB-1392-4FDE-ABB8-C41CC5AD7D6D

Failed to save storage: Boot_mem-Boot_ITEMS. Status Access Denied



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  • I have the same problem on my Inspiron 17R.. Did you resolve your problem?

  • Change the option Legacy to UEFI and show two options

    Add boot option and delete boot option.

    Add HD boot and CD boot.

    These models with windows 8 are configured to boot on network when UEFI is selected. just add optin to HD and CD and solve this problem

    Dell Vostro 3550 - i5 - 2410M - AMD Radeon HD 7650M - 8GB DD3 RAM - 500GB 7200 RPM - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

    I can fly with this model.

  • I have the same problem with an inspiron 13z that does not boot.

    If I have a USB drive inserted then entering to 'add boot option' pops up a window (otherwise without USB drive i get a warning: no file system). In the window one needs to specify the 'boot option name' and 'file name'. There is also a 'file system list' which says

    pciroot/PCI/USB/HD with some hexa addresses after each. This list cannot be edited or modified. So what should I enter for the file name?

  • Nothing worked except replacing the motherboard in my Inspiron 13z. Now, it is booting and working fine so far.