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Dell inspiron 15R 5220 drives& stuff

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I bought 3 days ago a Dell inspiron 15R 5220 whit I5 proccesor, 1Tb HDD and Ati Radeon HD 7670m 1Gb graphic card.

As usual, for you dear Dell programers, you didn't provide a 0.10$ CD whit drivers to is too hard for you? You say that you recommend installing the newest drivers from you're website. But HOW ? I thing you newer saw an actually product live. If you are putting Windows 7 x64, none of the hardware installed is recognized so you cannot connect to the internet!!!!! This is the reason for the CD !!!!!!!!!!;  If you install Windows 8, you get problems whit non compatibility of the drivers from the internet. After 3 days of fight whit you're drivers for Win 7, I still have problems whit thing; Cannot properly install Ati Radeon driver but this is a known thing...and you are not doing nothing for it! You say on forums that AMD is not providing a proper driver...that why the hell are you putting AMD video card in you're laptops? Now I think is working...somehow...but the drivers are not OK !!! We cannot control the devices!

Write nod I have problems whit the integrated 1Mpx webcamera. Please give me a good driver, because is not running good. It  is not capturing smootly!

Then, there is you're drivers. You are mentioning the installing order for the drivers, but you do not mention whitch one? I mean I have 12 drivers for the wireless ...oh come on! Delete the useless one it is so hard? And a lot of drivers say that "cannot be instaled because you're system do not have the system requirement..."WHAT? They are for this laptop LOL!!!!

Come one dear programers, a lot of people are complaining for this issues, so be proud for you're work and do the right thing to do!

Thank you!

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