Windows 8 has changed touchpad - too sensitive & can't alter


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Windows 8 has changed touchpad - too sensitive & can't alter

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When i was upgrading to Win 8 ( i have an Inspiron N5030) it said it was disabling the touch pad as 'not compatible' with 8 and would disable it ... the pad works but is highly sensitive and i can find nowhere to change the settings   HELP!

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thanks, & cheers heather

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  • Hi KiwiTravelWriter,

    Inspiron N5030 is offered with Windows Vista/7, 32/64 bit Operating System and accordingly the drivers are updated on our support website. I am afraid, windows 8 OS/ drivers are currently not available for this model.

    Try installing the touch pad drivers in Compatibility mode.

    1. Donwload the file.
    2. Right click and select properties.
    3. Then go ahead and click on the Compatibility tab.
    4. To run the program for a different version of Windows, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for box and choose from the list.
    5. You can click on the Change settings for all users button to have the compatibility mode settings applied to all users on the system instead of just the current user.

    As the issue is with the sensitivity, please referbelow steps to change mouse sensitive.