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Inspiron 6000 wont run on battery


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Inspiron 6000 wont run on battery

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Hallo everyone!

My Inspiron 6000 wont run on battery power but is perfect on mains power!

As soon as I remove the power cord the laptop is dead even though all indications are that the battery is fully charged and in good condition. I tried running Dell PC Diagnostics but only get a message 'unexpected error occurred'. I'm as close to certain as I can be that there's no virus or malware on my machine. It is probably 2 or 3 weeks since I last used the battery power and I tried altering the power settings in 'Properties' on the desktop.

Any ideas? Thanks from a newbie!

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  • Is this a Dell battery, or a third party battery?  Does the BIOS sense the battery (F2 at powerup)?

  • The battery is a third party one that has been in use for about 6 months, shows on the power meter okay and shows as okay on the Dell PC Health Check! Regarding recognition by the BIOS on startup I'll have to check n revert! is it F2 or F3 at startup?


  • Good Day!

    On startup n pressing F2 the battery info shows that it is working normally and is fully charged with the AC adapter giving 65W.

    Hope this assists!

  • Hi there!

    Please see my latest message, thanks!