inspiron 3520 product specifications


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inspiron 3520 product specifications

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Can anyone has any info on the product details of the above laptop? It comes with 4GB RAm and wants to know what is the max capacity it can be upgraded to and other features of it. ?


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  • Hi

    Please click on the below image to know the product information of inspiron 3520.

    You can also refer to the below mentioned link for further help:

    Please reply if you have any further questions.

    Thanks & Regards
    Prateek K

  • Thanks for the info Prateek.

    It turns out that 3520 model has several sub models. The one I have is with i5 3210M processor and having 4GB RAM . Just wants to know what is the max memory that I can upgrade it to?? Can I find it from the machine itself??

  • 2X4G, 8 total.