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Have these devices started shipping yet?  I have a delivery date of 12/21, but I keep seeing the dates for new orders moving out constantly.  Maybe it is simply that production time from the order date and not the initial production being delayed even further... 

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  • Did anyone else also order the stylus?  My packing slip says it should be included but I cannot find it...

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  • Seems like an easy question for someone from Dell to answer. So Dell, what's the answer?

  • Finally got someone from the order department...NONE of these have shipped to date, so I get to be part of the first batch whenever they ship.  It seems that the Intel chips are the holdup.

    However, the answer to "is my tablet shipping to arrive per my communicated due date?" was less than stellar - "We see no notes to indicate that the order will not ship to arrive as scheduled.  We can send you an email as soon as it is shipped, if you like."

    Any orders placed now have a 2013 ship date.

  • Strange, I was just searching for Latitude 10 on the community sight and saw someone that recieved his lat 10 on or near Dec. 12 2012.  He was having problems with his screen orientation.  Got me excited that mine would be coming soon since I ordered it on holloween.  Now I dont know what to make of it lol.

  • Most likely a case of "you ask 10 people, you get 10 answers".  Has your status ever changed or your ship date?  Mine has not changed since the day after I ordered.

    Of course, I will know next Friday, as that is the date that Dell says I should receive it.

  • Well, I ordered my on 11/25/2012...still shows preproduction and initial delivery was 12/13/2012 has been changed to 12/20/ knows..goth the same answer with email notice.

  • My order status was updated this morning...delayed for a week.  My concern comes from whether there are production issues or simply supply issues.  

  • I'm in the same boat.  Ordered mid November.  Original delivery date was 12/19.  Now it has been sitting at 12/26 and still in pre-production.  

  • Mine was pushed up to 12/28 I ordered on 10/31.  I hear its intel having problems with mass manufacturing the atom processor.  Its not just dell tablets that are delayed, the other brands are all delaying there tablets based on this processor as well.  But no one is saying anything concrete so this is all just speculation.

  • Every Wednesday my delivery date is pushed back one week. So I called them again today and told them if you don't know a delivery date then don't give me one. The first guy I talked to said there was a shortage of screens. Next I talked to a girl that seemed to know more what she was talking about and said that yes it was a parts shortage and they had only had enough to ship to those that had ordered in Oct and first part of Nov. She said they were notified yesterday that the next batch would be shipped on Jan 18th. I can live with that if it is indeed correct since it is much better than being lied to every week when the delivery date is pushed back another week.

  • Thanks for the detailed update.  There may be hope for day after Christmas...  oh wait, darn.  Mayan apocalypse is the 21st?    I wonder if FedEx will have delays too..    ;)

  • Mine just went to "In Production" this afternoon finally.  The delivery date of 12/26 didn't change.  I think md5611  has the right story above.  

  • Same here...just went into production...and I actually ordered mine on...

    Shipping Method:  2nd Business Day  

    Order Date:  11/2/2012...I originally ordered it on 10/25/2012...had to cancel because dell rep conveniently left out accidental coverage..luckily I caught it cancelled it and went on line and reordered myself...ensuring I got all the goodies.  

    Irony here is: ordered on 10/25/2012 estimated delivery was 12/15/2012....ordered it on 11/02/2012 estimated delivery was 12/13/Θ_Θ

  • Same here, mine went to Production with delivery date staying at 12/27.

    There were several articles about the Intel chips on Google in the last few days, hopefully they got the kinks worked out and this tablet will be awesome!

  • Spoke too soon.  Delivery date changed to 1/2/2013. Sigh....

  • So it does seem like it's hardware. Anandtech had a review of Acer's Clover Trail tablet here:

    The important part:

    "Contrary to popular belief, driver problems aren’t what kept the first Atom Windows 8 tablets out of the market at launch. A bug (not related to power management) caught several months ago caused schedules to slip by about a month and a half. Depending on whose design the OEM followed (Intel’s or their own), the implementation of the fix could come quickly or would take a bit longer."

    Regardless, I'm taking the idea of a non-driver related bug as a hardware design flaw. It's frustrating, but better wait than have to deal with flawed hardware.