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Inspiron 14R N4110 UEFI?


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Inspiron 14R N4110 UEFI?

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Is there a way to get UEFI booting to work on the Inspiron 14R N4110? I am on the latest available BIOS (A12).

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  • Hi Souvik1997,

    It wont be possible to enable UEFI option on Inspiron N4110 as it does not support UEFI boot.

    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • The BIOS is a Phoenix SecureCore Tiano, which does support UEFI boot. Other laptops with the same bios can boot with UEFI, I'm just wondering why the N4110 cannot. Dell has apparently disabled this feature.

    This proves that the SecureCore Tiano is a UEFI-capable BIOS.

  • Furthermore, someone has in fact enabled UEFI booting on the Inspiron 7110 with the same BIOS (Phoenix SecureCore Tiano). This is quite outrageous. UEFI laptops have been available for a long time. I just bought my computer last year, and since it cannot be upgraded to booting with UEFI makes me reluctant to buy other Dell products in the future if they cannot ensure their computers are at least future-proof for at least a few years.

  • Just bumping this topic.

  • Well, I've successfully been able to enable UEFI/GPT booting with the help of this thread:

    To summarize, for anyone else with the same goal:

    1. Download the offical updater .exe from Dell's site:

    2. Download this file:

    3. Move both of the files to the same directory

    4. Open a command prompt (Shift-Right click in Windows Explorer), and run PMPatch.exe N4110A12.exe N4110A12_patched.exe

    Watch for this output in the command prompt window:

    PMPatch 0.5.5

    PowerManagement module not found.

    Nested PowerManagement module not found.

    Nested PlatformSetupAdvancedDxe.efi at 006C6F60 patched.

    Nested PowerManagement2.efi module at 001800F8 patched.

    Dell RAW file checksums corrected.

    CpuPei module not found.

    5. You should have a new file called N4110A12_patched.exe in the same directory as the other files. Double click this file, accept the warning that you're flashing an earlier BIOS version if you see that, and the BIOS updater tool should reboot your computer to flash the BIOS. DO NOT turn off the power while it's flashing

    6. After flashing, the computer should reboot. Press F12 as it's booting and choose Setup using the arrow keys and press enter.

    7. Press the right arrow key and scroll all the way down. You should have a lot of new options within submenus. Look through those options, and you should find an option to toggle UEFI booting (Boot Configuration)

  • Hi  souvik1997,

    could you please re-update the link because there is nothing now. I also wanna try to modif my BIOS.


  • Hello guys, I came across this thread. I've the exact same laptop, i.e, Inspiron 14R N4110 (i5-2410M).

    I'm happy to tell you that after hours of searching and having the nerve to actually flash that BIOS, I can help you out with the exe of PMPatch.

    Here you go. Though this version is updated one but it worked for me today using the instructions given at the top of this page.

    It's really sad to see that how Dell is locking their BIOS for no apparent good reason.

    Dell Inspiron N4110

    i5 processor @2.3 GHz, 4GB Ram, Intel 3000, Windows 7 premium 64 bit