Inspiron n5010 3 beeps & black screen


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Inspiron n5010 3 beeps & black screen

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I have a 20 month old dell Inspiron n5010. After powering it on I get hear 3 beeps in continuous successions and the screen remains black.  I replaced the motherboard (based on my research on the web); however, this did not work. I removed the memory sticks, and then powered it on, and this did not help either. Has anyone else had this problem and got it solved?

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  • Hi Tallist,

    The 3 beep code error indicates chipset Error (North and South bridge error, DMA/IMR/Timer error), Time-Of-Day Clock test failure, Gate A20 failure, Super I/O chip failure or Keyboard controller test failure. I understand that you have replaced motherboard and still the 3 beep code occurs,I would request you to send a private message with your system service tag, as I need to check the system warranty. In order to send a private message, please accept my friend request, click on my user name and click start conversation.

    Thanks and regards,
    Senthil S
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  • Thanks Senthil.  However,  the warranty period already expired (it  was just for 1 yr, the pc is 20 months).  With regards to what you mentioned, are these all part of the motherboard?

  • Yes, they are all part of the mainboard.

  • Thanks

  • Hy there, i have same problem my laptop going on 3beep error message, an the screen goes black/blank .... Any suggestion to solved my problem, i came from indonesia 

    Warmest regard

  • Hi  djadi,

    Welcome  to the Community,

    Beep codes can be used as diagnostic indicator.3 beeps indicates system board failure.

    It may involve any of the following failure :

    Chipset Error (North and South bridge error, DMA/IMR/Timer error)

    Time-Of-Day Clock test failure

    Gate A20 failure

    Super I/O chip failure

    Keyboard controller test failure

    In this situation the system board needs to be replaced to fix the system.If your system is within warranty,repair/part replacement  is covered by the warranty.

    Is your system within warranty?

    Thank You

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  • I think my warranty is void, i've bought my inspiron 2years ago ..:D  theres just 1years warranty for my inspiron write,n on the box package... I've try to reassemble it,  i guess my GPU/VGA chipset is gone.. :/ is it possible? I try to buy on on computer shop in my town..but ican't find..they haven't...can i replace with other chipset with same socket? Or any idea to solved? Idont want to buy a new mainboard..looks like buy a new laptop i guess... Hiks..

  • Hi  djadi,

    Dell system comes with only 1 year default hardware warranty.

    It could be any of the failure listed on my previous reply, so replacing motherboard may be the only option.

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  • For the admin and all forum member,

    Sorry for this....but i've to tell u .... Case is SOLVED!

    No need warranty even buy a new board/reassemble chipset... haiya!

    Fix it with very easily and cheapest

    I wash my board ! Yeah! This is so suck! :D... U need a hand soap and tooth brush...

    1.put your board

    2.put a cup of warm water..add a spoon of hand soap here

    3. Clean/wash your mainboard carefully using tooth brush

    4.if done yet, re clean your board using a pure hot water..

    5. Dry it, using hair dryier...

    6. Done! Put it back on your laptop ..

    Whoila!  U'll socking!

    Dont forget to tes your hardware with Diagnostic toll

    On astrup boot press F12 , choose boot diagnostic... Its about 30 mnt remaning to pass hardware test

    Then re install your OS...

    *sorry for my bad english...hugh me for this Suck! :v

  • hi

    i have problem with Dell 5010(3Beep - Black Screen)

    can you help me ???


  • Hi Masoud_zafar,

    3 Beeps indicate a system board failure. Please check the system warranty status from the below link and revert to me if the system is under warranty.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish M

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  • same problem...

  • is easy to send it to dell should i just replace it , for the same problem?

  • Inspiron M531R

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    here is my Laptop information. please help me. i have same beeping issue,




  • Dell KNOWS that the Inspiron M500 series is defective (I have a 5030) and they blame it on a zillion other things so as not to be RESPONSIBLE!  It has to do with the glue/paste that they used on the chipset. I had the same problem and searched for a fix... it was to wrap the laptop in a blanket or towel and run a hairdryer on it. Crazy but it worked...temporarily!

    I think a class action lawsuit might teach the thieves a lesson...don't you? It's  one or two machines... it's probably the entire series... LET'S DO IT!!!