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Spilled iced tea on laptop keyboard and am now hearing a beeping noise when typing


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Spilled iced tea on laptop keyboard and am now hearing a beeping noise when typing

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So the other night I accidentally spilled iced tea all over the right side of my laptop keyboard. I immediately turned off the laptop and unplugged it, then I turned it upside down and lightly shook it. It wouldn't turn back on, so I left it open and upside down for many hours. It finally turned back on and I couldn't believe it still actually works. But there's two problems...

Every time I boot up the laptop, instead of the Dell screen popping up, it says Manufacturing Mode Level and then gives the number [01], it tells me to press Fn-X to boot to Windows normally, but I don't even have to press that, because it boots on its own. Although, when I first turned it back on, I had to press that. Also, whenever I type, it makes loud beeping noises, and does the same when I hit the volume buttons. All the keys make that noise, but the two touch pad keys. I can still type and none of them are stuck, but the noise is driving me crazy when I type. It's not coming from the speakers though.

I'm using a Dell Precision M60 with Windows XP Pro.

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  • Hi,

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    Please perform the steps mentioned below which may fix the issue:

    1.Turn off the computer.
    2. While holding down the MUTE button switch on the computer till you see the test running on the screen.
    3. It will start the diagnostics.
    4. Color bars on the screen indicate functional LCD, please press “Y” when it appears.

    Please make a note of the error code, if you get any.

    You can also refer to the thread below:


    Please reply for further assistance.

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  • I've seen this scenario countless times in working on consumer equipment.

    Any spillage onto a PCB causes problems through electrolysis. Even with the laptop off there is still voltage present (from the main battery and CMOS battery) and this causes problems.

    Ultimately I'm afraid its bad news without immediate and prompt action (which is to remove all power and remove and wash the affected PCB/'s). Without doing so any residue left causes slow "corrosion" and "fretting" of PCB tracks and eats its way into components.

    Sorry its not better new but you have to be realistic.

  • Well, I ended up fixing the issue myself after remembering how to actually solve the manufacturing level screen and the keyboard noise when I typed. All I did was reset the BIOS, which is so easy to do, I forgot all about doing it at the time though.

    Also, you are right Mooly. Over time it will start eating away at the components, but the next step for me is to take this bad boy apart and clean it. I just wanted to get that noise problem taken care of first. Although, I wouldn't have minded if it officially died, I bought it for $50 over a year ago. Hah!

    A woman that loves her technology.

  • Good to hear you have it up and running... maybe its one of the lucky ones :)