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M5030 7 beep error code problems


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M5030 7 beep error code problems

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I just had my M5030 completely repaired in August when I experienced this same issue, so the hard drive, processor and motherboard are less than three months old. So now, my basically brand new Dell is now giving me the 7 beep error code again. I was able to power off and on until the computer booted this morning, and ran the Dell diagnostics, which indicate there are absolutely no problems with any hardware on my system.  I would like to know what is up.  This seems to be an overwhelming problem on this site, as post after post indicates users are experiencing the seven beep error.  I cannot afford to send my computer off towards the end of the school semester.  I need some help here.  I do not have time to spend fifteen minutes trying to get my computer to boot up when I need it.  Is there a fix out there that doesn't require me to be without a computer for two weeks while it is repaired again?

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    I regret for the inconvenience caused. I would like to inform you 7 beep code indicates processor failure and motherboard of the system has to be replaced.so I would suggest you to Remove the Battery & disconnect the AC Adapter from the system and hold the power button down for 20 seconds, to discharge “Static Flea Power”, after that connect AC Adaptor and battery and restart your machine. Please check for the beep code once again and make a note of it.

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  • Bought a dell Inspiron m5030 have a 7 beep code only 2 years old is it uner warrenty still ?

  • No, they come with a one year warranty.  Good Luck getting any help from Dell.  they don't stand behind their products at all.

  • From what I have read on line, They are having so much problems with that year motherboard why don't they have a recall on them....

  • Should I buy a new motherboard for my dell 5030

  • I've had my motherboard replaced twice now.  If you can get one that is compatible, but not from Dell I would do that, but yes that seems to be the only fix