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Dell Inspiron Windows 8 problem getting to recovery partion to restore laptop to Windows 7.

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First time on here and I hope someone can help me.   I installed Windows8 on my Inspiron 1750 laptop as a clean install, leaving the windows7 recovery partion intact.

Ran windows8 for a few days and decided I prefered windows7. Now I want to get the laptop restored to windows7. However the F8 method of booting into safe mode is missing from Windows8. I was able to get to it through the windows 8 advance options window and to get it to load in safemode but it would not give the the option to recover to the the windows7 recovery partiton and to reimage with windows7.

Anyone able to advise how to restore back to windows7 from windows8 using the Dell recovery partion?

Many thanks


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