Dell Inspiron 5520, Intel HD 3000 and Radeon 7670m 1 gb problems?


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Dell Inspiron 5520, Intel HD 3000 and Radeon 7670m 1 gb problems?

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Hello my friends!

Recently I purchase Inspiron 5520 with Core i3 2370m and Radeon 7670m 1 Gb graphic card. Everithing is looking good but during daily usage I started to suspect that the discrete card is not involved into work.

I should say that I'm using the latest official drivers from Dell's support portal (version is A01). The old one (from the factory, A00) are showing pretty much the same issures that I'll discribe here.

First of all the GPU-Z utility can't recognize the HD7670m parameters correctly (like bus width, memory type and size, and the temperature as well). No, you just look onto these readings! The bus is 32 bits instead of 128 bits! How's that?! And the temperature? Minus 128 degrees Celcius. The clock - 12 GHz! Wow! That's 10 million dollar card, really! :D Not mention that the GPU-Z is freezing during execution, but that's its problem, I guess, though the authors of the utility still didn't comment that as far as I know... The new 0.6.6 version is the same problem and the same incorrect hardware specs readings.

Second, when I play games, the CPU is getting hotter and the fan stars cooling much faster. And when I look onto some readings from different utils, the HD7670m is still 0 degrees and not under work! Just look here on screenshot:

Third, the Windows Experience Index is also not quite good for given hardware. 4.9 for games with 1Gb HD7670m? I can't believe it's true.

Yes, there are plenty of similar threads on this forum, and yes, I saw the description of used technology when integrated CPU graphics is used for main work and for output of the discrete card's calculations. But also I saw several discussions on diffirent forums (for Acer, Toshiba, Asus laptops) which indicates that the manufacturer of the notebook still can use BIOS option to control switchable graphics, but almost no one do that.Or users could use modyfied BIOS with such option enabled (and if the "new technology of switchable graphics" did'nt allow to use the discrete card as primary, or fixed card, then how is all that people use it with modified BIOS?!).

Also there are discussions about modified drivers from leshcat.

So my questions are:

1. What is wrong with hardware readings (the temperature, the graphic core clock, the bus, atc)? Is it driver problem?

2. If it is the driver, then how to fix it since both factory and newer version remain the problem.

3. Will there be new drivers coming soon (or, at least, coming some day)?

4. How I can make sshure that discrete graphoc card is working? Yes, I know the probably answer is that a'new architecture did'nt allow to check it'. But then if there is some issure with drivers or card itself, how I can find it out?

5. Despite the statements that it is not possible to make discrete card working at it's own or to make manual the switch betweeb discrete card and internal card, I still believe that it is possible to do. Because other people with same 7670m card on another brands laptops could do that in some way...

P.S. I didn't check the graphic apps like Photoshop, 3dmax and SolidWorks yet, but there are some claims on the Internet that laptops with switchable graphics (Intel+7670m) have lots of problems there too, but could figure it out with some workaround and modifications. So if mods could make work all the features required, then why manufacturers can't make it work out of the box? :( The laptops are not cheap instruments and the are bought by many people to get productive work for a long time (years!). It is sad to see such situation in the industry.

Sorry, but I was collecting info almost a month of using the Inspiron 5520 which I really like), but all these strange things here and there are getting me thrustrating dipper and deeper.

Maybe it is possible to make work of the GPU and laptom manufacturers to communicate more closer to solve issures and make users experience pleasureble? The problems are here and this is up to vendors to solve them. This will male all happy.

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  • Sorry, something was wrong. Here are GPU-Z pictures:

  • And yes, I enabled all settings on maximum (the power managment, the CCC high performance, atc).

  • exactly the same for me . i did everything but still not working .assassin's creed 3 crashes when i chose high performance 

  • Same problem for me... my 7670m doesn't work on my Vostro 3560! With 3Dmark Vantage i got 4340 for the GPU score.. (i have the HD4000 and 7670m) but this low score is sure for the HD4000 :( .

    And when i right click on desktop and go to CCC, that doesn't work, no window opens,  if i have catalyst 12.10

  • Well would some Dells' officials reply on this someday?! :/

  • I think GPU-Z isnt able to detect switchable graphics properly. At least not the technologie DELL uses.

    I would recommend to try HWInfo64 in sensor mode. It is able to monitor the utilization of the dedicated graphic card.

    Turn it on, start a game then alt tab to windows and look at the utilization and the max. core clock: I bet it matches exactly the core clock of the 7670m.

    With HWINFO64 you can at least make sure that your dedicated card is working!

  • Simmo287, thank you for your suggestion. As far as I can understand the HWinfo64 is showing info only for Intel graphics... Because the minimum and maximum core clock according to it is exactly as Core i3 2370m specs ( i.e. 650 MHz to 1150 MHz

    And as far as I know the specs for Radeon 7670m are: the core speed is 600 MHz (shaders are 600 MHz and memory is 900 MHz). So probably HWinfo64 can't help here too. :(

    Or maybe I'm looking onto wrong values in HWinfo64?

    Here are two screenshots. First - normal operation. Second is during some gaming.


  • Hello guys!

    Look at mine screenshot took on my dell vostro 3560 with ATI 7670m too. I get the ATI in hwinfo64 with all info

    and i get the CCC working with high perf or eco on all apps

    That was very difficult to obtain everything works but i did it. Can help you if you want ;)

  • Sometimes it can happen that hwinfo doesnt detect the dedicated gpu (happened to me too). This happens especially when you have no program running which it is set in ccc at high performance.

    To get Hwinfo to detect your dedicated card: First start an application which is definetely set to use high performance gpu in ccc. Then start hwinfo. Then it should normally detect your ATI card.

  • tymy19, Yes please, tell us what you did. :D It is looks like not standard drivers/CCC... Maybe Enduro? ;) And in yours HWinfo64 I can't see Intel's GPU...

    Btw, Simmo287, I and still looks like Intel Graphics. But that's ok.

    I guess mine 7670m is working though. Because I install Afterburner and it shows the right GPU clock and its temperature as well. Even Speedfan is showing the temperature. :D Probably this is because Radeon didn't working sometimes when it actually should work (playing one game is triggering GPU load and playing other game engaging the Intels' graphics). Probably this is due to some drivers errors or maybe the processor determine that it could handle ALL the work needed for that game... Still it is not quite good but the dedicated card is working, that's good news...

  • Oh, Simmo287, it works now! Yay! :D All is working fine I guess. Maybe there are some issures with drivers but overall it is working unit! I'm pretty happy now. :)

    Now I saw it by myself: when it is needed, the discrete GPU is engaged. Probably there are some things to make better with the drivers but it is working.

  • Remember that only the GPU clock shown below the ATI GPU (300 mhz) row actually refers to the ATI card.

    The upper GPU clock refers to the integrated Intel card (600 mhz)

  • Thanks, I figured it out now.

  • Hello guys. I wanted to buy the Vostro 3560 as a gift, but I cannot in good conscience give this to someone knowing the problems of the 7670M switchable graphics. I wanted to do some searching if Dell owners were also having problems with this card and it looks like they are! I have this card on an Acer Aspire 7750G-6645 and it has been nothing but headaches. The card switches by itself to discrete graphics in the middle of gaming and will result in game freezing momentarily and error msg saying that display driver stopped working. The solution for me was to modify my bios so that I could disable switching (permanently use dedicated) and also to use the leshcat drivers but this is not something I would not want to put somebody not tech savvy through.