Fingerprint driver for Windows 8 on Latitude E6520?


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Fingerprint driver for Windows 8 on Latitude E6520?

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Simple question. How to make fingerprint reader work with Windows 8 on a Latitude e6520??

E6520 is listed as compatible. It also have some drivers available Under the download driver page, but can't find anything about FingerPrint driver.


thanks for any help



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  • Hi Jonathan

    You can download and install the Control vault driver for your computer from the link: 

    Steps to download drivers:-

    • Click 'Download file' to download the list to a folder you will designate.
    • Click 'Save'. Then designate the folder you would like to save the files to.
    • Once you have designated the folder you would like to save your files to, Click 'OK'.
    • Selected downloads will automatically start downloading. Next is Installation.
    • To start installation, Click Open folder. Right-click a downloaded file and select the option to ‘Run as administrator’.
    • A small window will appear with 'Continue' and 'Exit' buttons, click 'Continue'.
    • In the Select the folder where you want to unzip the files to window, click OK.
    • If a message appears asking to create a folder, click 'Yes'. If a message appears asking to overwrite the folder, click 'Yes to All'.
    • In the All files were successfully unzipped window, click OK.
    • A new window will appear, follow the prompts that appear to finish the installation.
    • Restart your computer. 

    If this does not work, you can try installing the same driver in compatibility mode, that may work.

    • Download the drivers for your computer from link above.
    • Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties -- > Compatibility Tab.
    • Select Windows 7 from the list in the following image.


    • Click Apply -- > OK.
    • Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.
    • Follow the prompts on screen.

    Please reply with findings.

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
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  • Got mine working on Dell M4400 Windows 8 64 bit by using instructions in post by "nexenator"

    replied on 12-11-2012 2:54 AM

  • Dell Latitude E6220

    I had the same problem and I solved it like this:

    1. Install

    2. restart

    3. install

    4. restart


    Thanks for any help

  • update to windows 10 and go start up - settings -accounts - sign-in options - finger print add.