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I have a Dell Laptop that would not boot up into windows. It kept going to startup recovery/repair and could not repair. I could not get in through safe mode as it also took me to start up recovery/repair it was just one big loop. I ran the Dell Diagnostics in Bois to find a hdd error 2000-0146 and so I knew the hdd had issues. I ran Chkdsk /r which took forever to run. Chkdsk never really said it was completed at 100% it just had a 11% some text below that saying it could write to the event log. Below that it had returned to the c: prompt. I restarted and to my surprise windows loaded just fine. Now my question is this, should I also run a defrag? I have read on a failing or drive that has issues defrag can be bad? Also why did Chkdsk not write to event log and why was there really no indication that it really completed at 100%?

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  • Hi kittkitt,

    The 2000-0146 error indicates that there is an issue with the hard drive; the hard drive may be getting bad. However, you can go ahead and run the defragmentation in your system. Also please run the custom test on hard drive to check the hard drive is working as designed. Please follow the steps below.

    Turn the computer off >restart the computer

    As the computer boots, press <F12> when the Dell Splash Screen appears

    When the Boot menu appears, highlight the Boot to Utility Partition option, first system will run the PSA hardware diagnostics and then it will give you a message to continue or exit, please click on exit and then select test system and custom test.

     Press the <Tab> key to highlight Test System Press <Enter> to continue to 32-bit Diagnostics.

    Run the custom test on hard drive and check if there is any error listed. You can also refer the link below to run the diagnostics.

    Please do reply for further assistance.

    Thanks and regards,
    Senthil S
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  • I have to go to boot options then Diagnostics when I get there is starts automatically to run Pre-Boot System Build. This is where i ran the test before and got the 2000-0146 code and I am still getting it even after the Chkdsk however at least now I can load windows.  It fails on the DST Short Test with the 2000-0146 code thought that would be gone after the chkdsk ran. Anyway since this auto runs I am not sure how to select to contiune on the 32- big diagnostics as there is not option for me to interrupt it other than to esc to abort then it restarts the computer? So how do I get to the custom 32 bit diagnostics?

  • After the pre-boot ran it asked me to go on to the memory portion and I said no. Then it came up and said  "Pre-Boot System Assesment completed.  No Diagnostic Utility Partition Identified. Please select ok and re-boot your system???

  • You need to replace your hard drive, which is faulty.