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Studio 1555 screen/backlight won't turn on


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Studio 1555 screen/backlight won't turn on

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I have a Dell Studio 1555 - recently I've had some issues with the plastic casing around the screen, and as a result, the screen hinge started slowly pulling away from the computer. After a few months of this, my computer started shutting down when the screen was below a certain angle, and most recently, the screen has stopped turning on completely.

I connected it to an external monitor, and the computer still works. I also shone a flashlight at the screen, and can see stuff being displayed, so I'm assuming it's the back light.

I took the laptop to a repair shop, who suggested that it's a problem with the LVDS cable/LCD Ribbon cable, with one connector being frayed (It's the grey cable in the back on this one:[1] )

I just wanted to get a second opinion from you guys on whether this is most likely what the issue is, because I might just order the cable myself and get a friend to replace the cable. Thanks!

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  • Hi kaplanvr,

    I am sorry for the trouble. The link which you have given on the original post directs me to Ebay and the part number as shown on that site is 'W439J'. This is the right LCD cable part number for Studio 1555. You can go ahead and replace it as the cable might be causing the issue.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know in case of any queries.

    Thanks and regards
    Harish R

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