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Dell AC-DC Adapter issue


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Dell AC-DC Adapter issue

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  I have an issue that I have not seen addressed after searching the forum.  It concerns powering up of the AC-DC adapter that came with my Inspiron 1545 Laptop (now just shy of 3 years old).

  part in question: Dell part # XK850; PA-21 Family; model DA65NS4-00; Output = 19.5 Volts, 3.34 Amps.

 What’s going on: For the last few weeks I have experienced an intermittent power issue when I plug in the AC-DC Adapter -- the blue LED on the adapter 'brick' does not illuminate.  Sometimes just re-plugging the 3 foot long, grounded cord into the strip plug/wall socket will do the trick; sometimes trying it in a different wall socket works, sometimes re-connecting the cord to the adapter 'brick' does the job. 

  Once I get the blue LED on the adapter 'brick' to illuminate, it works fine.  So far, I've had no issues with recharging the battery.  I have never dropped the adapter 'brick'; I am careful when storing the cords so as not to stress them (When storing the power cords, I loop them into gentle circles about 1 foot in diameter). 

Questions:   Do these transformers/adapters can wear out? Is this behavior a sign of impending doom for my adapter?

       I've not seen this particular issue mentioned in the forum.  Any feedback would be a appreciated.


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  • The AC-DC power adapter brick proved to be the problem.

    Starting with the day after the most recent post, when I plugged it into the wall socket, the adapter's LED light would not illuminate,

    I replaced the adapter & have had no issues since.

    Thanks for being kind enough to respond to my queries.


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  • > Dell's power adapter are completely sealed and one has to bust the brick open if it needs repairing which is not advisable.If the power cord itself is ok the only choice you have is to get a new power adapter.

    > It could be a loose connection inside the brick or a faulty electrical part like a resistor whose original value can increase over time due to high voltages.As a result the power adapter just doesn't turn on anymore or only every know and then....

    > A couple of weeks ago I had a similar problem as you.I quickly realized that wiggling the cable that connects to the power jack of the laptop created a short circuit.You may want to watch the video how I fixed the problem.

    Again: it is NOT advisable for users who have no electrical experience to do the same - especially if the problem is on the dangerous primary side of the power adapter !!