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My laptop Inspirion N5050 factory restore


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My laptop Inspirion N5050 factory restore

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I was having problems with this computer with starting up and decided to do a factory restore.  I hit F8 and went through the procedures but it never did the

asking for username or password etc.  and now when I try to log on it wants a username and password.  It has no memory of the past one and all it reads for

username is Administrator and won't let me change it and doesn't accept anything for a password so now I can't get on my computer at all.

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  • Hi CharleneK44,

    While performing factory restore using F8, it should ask for user name and password. If factory restore was successful, then you should not get this message as factory restore is a complete data destruction process. I would recommend you to perform factory restore once again. If you still face the same issue or you are unable to complete the restoration process for a password, then you will have to use the windows operating installation system disk to re-install the operating system on the computer.

    Here are the steps to perform factory restore using F8:

    Please Note:

    • All software that came installed from factory should be restored as it is
    • If any of those software's is missing, we should be able to download it from Dell website
    • If you installed any extra software(s) apart from the ones from the factory, you will have to install them again after the factory reset. You need the CD/DVD/website software links, if any, that you may have used before for installation
    • All personal data from the laptop will be erased (pictures, documents, music, etc). Please back up your data on an external media before PC is restored
    • Please ensure that AC adapter is plugged in before you initiate the restoration process

    Please find the steps for getting back to the factory state:

    • Restart PC, press <F8> 3-4 times when the Dell logo appears.
    • Advanced Boot Options menu appears, ‘Repair your Computer' is highlighted, press Enter. (Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice)
    • Windows is loading files screen appears. Wait for it to load.
    • System Recovery Options prompt appears. Specify the language and keyboard input that you want, and then click ‘Next’.
    • Log in as a user with the administrative credentials; select the username from the drop-down list, type the password and click OK.
    • Choose a Recovery Tool Window appears, select Dell Data Safe Restore and Emergency Backup.
    • The Welcome screen will show 2 options; Restore computer and preserve my new or changed files and Select other System Backup and more options. Select the second option (Select other System Backup and more options) and click Next.
    • The next window shows these options; Backup Files and folders and Restore my computer. Select ‘Restore my computer’.
    • Select the Factory Image and click ‘Next’.
    • The next window shows 2 options; 'Preserve new or changed files before restoring to selected System Backup' and 'Restore without preserving new or changed files'. Select the second option (Restore without preserving new or changed files) and click Next.
    • A prompt will appear stating 'Your computer is about to be restored. All data currently on your computer will be deleted and replaced with your selected Full System Backup'. If an Emergency File & Folder Backup was created, it will still be saved in the location you selected. Click 'Yes, continue' and click Next.
    • PC restore will initiate. Once done, click Restart.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to create a user account.

    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • Did this as instructed here (New Inspiron N5040). However, I hadnt forgotten my PW first time, so had to do without keeping files second time round. Odd that Dell have such a feature for a restore. Windows upates for 7 are maiking this laptop a no-no and any more nonsense with it and its going back to the store, as only 5 days old. Only way to buy a Dell is to but one direct and a new build. This one was in a store since May 2012 and needed 70 updates, which are just too troublesome to do. Other than that, thanks Appu, for getting it back to a factory reset for the moment and thanks to Charlene for asking. - John

  • I followed these steps and now my computer won't work at all.  It keeps restarting over and trying to repair Windows unsuccessfully.

  • Hi dmlanghauser,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Could you confirm if the system restore(PC restore) process completed successfully?If system allows try following the same steps to restore system to factory settings one more time.

    Also you may try running the onboard hardware diagnostics.To run the diagnostics tap F12 on start up(Dell logo),select Diagnostics,press Enter.

    Post back error/code message if any.

    Thank You

    Dell | Social Media Outreach | Global Social Media & Community

  • hi. i have the same problem but i wasnt able to perform the solutions because the f8 link is not active.i cant go to windows advanced option.i have dell inspiron n5050.thanks

  • @Daddymac - Dont understand "f8 link is not active". If pressed 3 or 4 times as you boot up your laptop, you should get the Advanced Boot Options menu, try it a few times. It should respond if you hit F8 as the Dell Logo appears.

  • Hi! Is there a way to do this without the login? This laptop stopped working and then was misplaced during a move. I just found it again and have no clue what my password is. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing. Is there a way to either reset my password or do a factory reset without needing my password?

  • I have a dell Inspiron N5050 . Was my mothers, she got a new laptop and gave me this. I've had for a while now but having problems so needing to factory reset it.. My mother does not remember her password and she was the administrator , Is their another option?