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enter button not working


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enter button not working

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my son spilt a little coffee on the laptop and now the enter button will not work.  Everything else works, but that.  Is there another way I can enter besides using that button?

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  • Hi,

    Please share the model number of the laptop. You can use the On-screen keyboard. To access it, click Start button and click All Programs>> click 'Accessories' >> click 'Ease of Access' >> click 'On-Screen Keyboard. However, it is only an alternative. 
    If coffee has been spilled on the laptop, it may affect the internal components. I would recommend to not use the computer as of now. 

    I am sending you a friend request; please accept it and send me the Service Tag and account information through private message. Please do not share the Service tag in the open forum. I will check the warranty status, system configuration and help you accordingly.

    Please reply with the information.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Manpreet C
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