Dell Inspiron 17r...(Firewire port??) how to connect a camcorder?


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Dell Inspiron 17r...(Firewire port??) how to connect a camcorder?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 17r, and I also have a panasonic mini camcorder.. what I am trying to do is connect my camcorder to my laptop and transfer video to computer.. Is that possible? I keep reading I need a firewire port, but I don't think this laptop has one. Is there anyway I can connect it or am I out of luck....?

I would appreciate any info, thank you!

(My sincere appologies to the Dell community. I guess something I said before in my post was not in compliance to the terms of service. I will be more careful next time)




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  • You're either going to need a new camcorder or a different notebook - this one doesn't have a firewire port and there's no way to add one to it.

  • if there is no way to add a firewire port, then I guess there is no use in getting a new camcorder, because what I have been reading, you need that to connect any camcorder. Thank you :)

  • Not true - many of the newer camcorders are USB connect for video and for still photos.  Firewire is dying technology - even Apple (its originator) is phasing it out in favor of Thunderbolt.

    There are still some notebook that allow installing Express cards -- mostly business models (Latitudes and Precisions). Firewire is pretty much gone from most low-end consumer notebooks like the Inspiron series.

  • If your Camcorder has an additional analog output (lower quality) try a "video grabber"