Hi there

I have a Dell Vostro 3550 which has been working like a charm, up until today. Now when i login i get the message that 'No AMD driver is installed or it is not recognized'

The screen is at its lowest resolution it can go and will not go back. I assume that this is because the AMD graphics card is not being recognised for some reason... I have done the following things already but none have worked

- System Restore

- Safe mode

I read around and i cant find any drivers or anything that relate to my problem (that and im useless when it comes to instaling drivers).

Catalyst Control Centre also will not open, along with any other ATI stuff. I have looked in device manager also and tried disabiing and re-enabling and this has not worked. If anyone, anyone at all knows how to solve this problem ill be forever grateful!

Specs if needed:

Core i5 2.3Ghz

Windows 7 64bit

Radeon HD 6630M