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Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop does it have bluetooth


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Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop does it have bluetooth

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop, I want to connect my Nokia phone via blue tooth to this laptop, I downloaded Nokia PC Suite and PC Suite pop up said 

either the hardware or software on the laptop is missing so I could not proceed.I want to know how can I be sure if the bluetooth is present on my laptop,

the service Tag code of my laptop is (Admin Note: Service Tag Removed per TOU policy), I have tried to go to Start Menu->Control Panel-->Hardware and Sound ---> Device and Printers

here it does not show me any bluetooth device on my laptop so think that the bluetooth card is not present on my laptop.

Does any one have any idea what can I do in this situation how to check if the hardware is missing or the bluetooth software is missing on my laptop?

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  • Hi,

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    I've checked your system configuration using the Service tag number.It shows me that your system has a bluetooth card.

    Try using the F2 key to turn the wireless and Bluetooth cards on or off .

    To further check go to Device Manager(Click on Start menu,Control Panel,System,Hardware,Device Manager),check if it shows Bluetooth Radio listed(also check under Network Adapters).

    If its not listed go to BIOS screen(tap F2 on start up),press F9 to restore BIOS to defaults and press F10 to save and exit.After system restarts verify in Device Manager if the bluetooth card gets detected.

    If you need to install the Bluetooth driver use this link below :

    Note:If you need to check the configuration of your system enter the service tag number in this link below (click on Select a Different Product)  :

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Thank You

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  • > I have the same laptop and ordered it without Bluetooth (check your invoice and see if it is listed)

    > Note: There is an option in the BIOS to enable/disable an internal Bluetooth device and even you don't have Bluetooth the BIOS

                  still lets you turn it on/off .....

    > run Devicemanager and see if any Bluetooth device is listed

    > Insert Dell's "Driver and Utility Disk" - it will scan your system of installed hardware - example below

    I bought a separate USB Bluetooth stick ($5 - Bluetooth software included ) and installed it

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  • I am using Windows 7 ,64 bit so  I checked the above link and it shows it is for Vista SP1 and resetting the BIOS to defaults had no effects under the device manager tab I did not see any where any bluetooth thing present on my system.....

  • Micro-test I have same kind of device driver tree as you posted with the exception that any blue tooth thing is not present ........and where can I download the Driver Utility Disk I do not have it with me....

  • Roshan I have installed the KTY64 thing you mentioned it is present in C:\Dell\Drivers but it had no effect on my system..the wireless though was working previously also and now also I have a wireless broad band connection and that has been working smoothly

  • bakra,


    Places to look to see if your Bluetooth Connection is enabled


    Can you run Finding System Information REMOVE YOUR PRODUCT ID, if using XP, run an ipconfig /all log and post it back here. This will tell us if you have Bluetooth or not.




    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

    Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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  • Guys thanks for the support I am able to get the blue tooth working correctly  on my system, I followed the suggestions above and with some hit and trial got the correct thing here is what I did

    went to this link

    in drop down menu choosed Windows 7- 64 bit as OS

    and downloaded this

    this gave me a download named R228749 it extracted in C:\Dell\Drivers

    a folder named 83V6K so I get


    and here was a setup file which I had to double click I was not clear as how this would have worked because each time I just extracted the R228749 utility from the above link and thought that driver was installed which was not the case I had to run the setup also by going to that folder....that was a mistake I was doing also correct driver I was not clear with, now I have  a working wirless and bluetooth both, thanks.

  • Glad you got it working.

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