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Fuzzy screen

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Yesterday my screen was perfectly fine, and then out of no where my screen went fuzzy and skinny lines are flickering across my laptop screen. I'm pretty sure its a hardware problem since it still happens when i go into the laptop set up menu. I was wondering if there was any way to fix this without getting it repaired.

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  • Most likely there is not - but it would help to know what model you have.  To isolate the problem to the screen or video chip, attach an external monitor -- if it shows the same fault, you have a bad video chip. If it's OK, you may simply have a loose cable - or a bad screen.

  • My Laptop model is Dell inspiron n5050 and its not really bad, i can see everything on my screen fine, its just that the lines keep flickering.

  • Hi  Phillipe123,

    In addition to what ejn63 suggested,you may also run the LCD BIST(Built In Self Test) test,to find out if its an issue with the LCD screen.To run the test  press and hold the D key on the keyboard while pressing the power button(to start the system), then release both at the same time. This will initiate A grey screen, then Red, then Blue, then Green then White.

    Observe if you see those flickering lines even on these color screens.Also try moving the LCD screen(partially close and open) when those lines show up and see if that makes a difference.

    Let us know your findings.

    Thank You

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  • Hello Roshan,

    I would like to jump in here as the same problem seems to have afflicted my Laptop as well which is of the same make N5050 Inspirion. Not sure what went wrong as I have had this Laptop only for a couple of weeks now and is hardly one month old. There are flickering Horizontal Lines in the Screen that come up every time I reboot also with shadows when Windows are pulled up.Though everything is visible as it is.

    Also did the BIST test you had suggested and the lines come even in the Multicolored screens. I have checked the BIOS and Video card drivers and all seem updated. Connected to a External Monitor which works fine without issues. SO it only the Laptop monitor that has the trouble.

    I did a visual check and notice know damages(Like I mentioned its pretty new).

    Any help here would be great.

    P.S: I am in INDIA currently though the LAPTOP was purchased in the US. I have the following warranty status.

    ServicesProviderStart DateEnd Date
    Next Business Day Support QLX 01-10-2012 02-10-2013
    Limited Technical Support DELL 01-10-2012 02-10-2013

    IS this good enough to get me warranty eligibility here in INDIA?

  • Hi Sriram2012,

    It does sound like an issue with the system LCD screen.

    About the warranty and repair options please private message me your system Service Tag number,along with your full name,address (both current address in India and the US address in which this system is registered),phone number.To private message click on my user name and click start conversation.

    I will check your system details  and get back to you.

    Thank You

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