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Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge!


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Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge!

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I've been using a Dell inspiron 1545 from about 3 years now and exactly after 2 years of my buy, the battery failed and it started showing me to replace the battery and always notified me about contacting dell for a new battery.

I didn't take this of much concern so i just ignored the message and kept on using my battery with my adapter plugged in. After 4-5 months of such usage, My battery completely failed and doesn't even offer me even a minute of backup, when i remove the power socket. Then i realized the importance of a new battery and then bought a new battery from Dell.

Its the same battery with the same specs and also the same family type. After i removed my defected battery, I replaced my new bought Dell battery and realized that my battery is working fine. its charging well but at some time, it says "Plugged in, But not charging" Which is rare for any new battery, which is bought brand new.

This is how it looks now after i remove the AC adapter plug and when i depend on the battery backup. it is providing me a backup, but I see a yellow exclamatory mark beside it. Which I think should not be present. it also says "Low battery" when there's already 99% of battery left!

I've also followed some online steps

1) updated by BIOS to the latest  2) Followed some other steps like uninstalling the battery ACI in the device manager and etc...

i would love to get this problem solved. I'm using a PA-12 family adapter, which is also a replaced one. So any help on solving the issue would be appreciated.


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  • Hi Utkarsh. I Actually FIXED this problem months back. and I exactly want to help you on this so that you can fix it yourself too..

    the problem which is creating your battery to show an exclamatory mark is your power settings.

    so follow these steps to get rid of that sign and a perfectly working battery.

    1) Click on your battery icon (left click) you should see an option called " More power options" at the bottom of the popup.

    click "More power options"

    2) Now you will be taken to your control panel where you can see all of your power plans and under each plan, you will see an option called "Change plan settings"

    3) Click on "Change plan settings" for your active power plan. Now you will get redirected to another control panel window, where you can see two kind of power options to get adjusted. that is, when you battery is plugged and when your battery is unplugged.

    4) Don't touch those options, just click on "Change advanced power settings" at the bottom left of that window. THIS IS THE AREA WHERE WE NEED TO FIX!

    5)After you click on "Change advanced power setttings", you will see a POWER options popup, go to the bottom and then you can see something called "Battery" with a plus sign on the left. click it.

    6) Now you just have to change the levels for the following values

                       --> Critical battery level ( you can change it to 10%)

                       ---> Low battery level ( you can change it to 20%)


    So I hope this works!

    Reply me back when you've succeeded fixing it.

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  • Hi Shortshoot,

    First of all you can check the status of AC adaptor and battery is BIOS.

    • To access the BIOS mode we need to restart the computer.
    • As soon as you see the blue Dell logo start tapping the ‘F2’ key which is at the top of the keyboard.

    Note: If you wait too long and the Microsoft Windows appears, then continue to wait until you see the Windows desktop. Now shutdown your computer and try again.

    • Under 'General' tab, you will see option for 'Battery information'.
    • On that page, you will be able to see the status of battery health and ac adaptor.

    You can refer to the image below:


    • check the status of battery health and ac adaptor.

    You can also try the following steps

    • Please let me know the status of light on AC adaptor.
    • Try charging your computer with an alternate good known AC adaptor and see if it works.
    • If it does not work, remove the battery for your computer and disconnect all the external peripherals (like printers, scanners, or any USB device) connected to your computer.
    • Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds to drain out the residual power.
    • Keep the battery out for atleast 2 - 3 hours.
    • Then insert the battery and charge it overnight with the system powered off.
    • Then power on the computer and see if it works.

    If this does not fix the issue, you need to load the BIOS defaults following the steps below:

    • To access the BIOS mode we need to restart the computer.
    • As soon as you see the blue Dell logo start tapping the ‘F2’ key which is at the top of the keyboard.
    • Select the options 'Load Defaults' ,
    • Restart your computer and see if it works.

    If it does not resolve the issue, you may need to update the BIOS of your computer.

    Note: Before flashing the BIOS please check the following:-

    • Battery should have 10% or greater charge
    • Adapter should be connected
    • No external devices should be connected.
    • All other programs should be closed and documents saved

    You can download BIOS following the same steps as above from the link below: 

    Steps to download drivers:-

    • Click 'Download' to download the list to a folder you will designate.
    • Click 'Save'. Then designate the folder you would like to save the files to.
    • Once you have designated the folder you would like to save your files to, Click 'OK'.
    • Selected downloads will automatically start downloading. Next is Installation.
    • To start installation, Click Open folder. Right-click οn downloaded file and select the option to ‘Run as administrator’.
    • A small window will appear with 'Continue' and 'Exit' buttons, click 'Continue'.
    • In the Select the folder where you want to unzip the files to window, click OK.
    • If a message appears asking to create a folder, click 'Yes'. If a message appears asking to overwrite the folder, click 'Yes to All'.
    • In the All files were successfully unzipped window, click OK.
    • A new window will appear, follow the prompts that appear to finish the installation.
    • Restart your computer.

    Please reply if you have any further questions.

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
    To know more about Dell’s products, services and drivers & downloads, please go here

  • Yes I've checked the BIOS.

    It shows my battery as in good condition and displays my adapter as 65W


    i noticed something weird.

    I kept on looking at the stats and suddenly, the adapter was not recognized and then my battery showed "Idle" state.

    Thanks for your respnse.

  • I've also updated my BIOS to the latest one.

  • Looks like you have an intermittent problem with the power adapter (broken wire) or the power jack (loose connection)

    picture of  the power jack